MotorHEAT Contest Update – XBLIG

To keep everyone updated about the MotorHEAT contest that Milkstone Studios is running, here is the latest:

To date, 11 “1600 MS Point” cards have been purchased with the proceeds from game purchasers during the contest period, and a total of 1002 entrants have tried their luck.  With 11 days remaining, try out MotorHEAT!  Remember, the more games that sell, the more prizes they give out as the profits are spun right back into the community gamers!

Read our review of the game here.

Read about the contest here.

Watch the trailer here.

Download a demo of the game here.

Nuke Your Neighbor session Sunday Jan 10th

There will be a gaming session of the excellent Nuke Your Neighbor this Sunday 10th Jan ’09 at 2pm EST (7pm GMT)

Download a free trial of the game here.

Let us know at the forum if you can attend

XBLIG Session Sunday 22nd Nov ’09

Come along and join us in our XBLIG Session of Avatar Rockets – details of times here

Coming soon the first XBLIG Session – featuring Little Racers

Join us soon in our very first XBLIG Session.

Play Little Racers with the developer of the game and they guys and girls that run XBLIG sites.

So download the Little Racers now and get practising.

Keep watching for news of time and date of the gaming session and the Xbox gamertags you’ll need to be looking out for.

In the meantime look here for some new XBLIG friends