Easy Golf update and contest to win 1600 MS points


Easy Golf on Xbox Live Community Games has had a major update and to celebrate, Barkers Crest have announced a competition to accompany the release. So for for info on how to win 1600 MS points read the press release below;


“Xbox Community Game Easy Golf ‘How Low Can You Go?’ contest and game update announced.

Barkers Crest Studio today announces the release of the long anticipated game update for the critically acclaimed Xbox Community Game Easy Golf.

In conjunction with this release, Barkers Crest Studio also announces the ‘How Low Can You Go?’ skill based contest.
Contest prizes include 1600 Microsoft Points awarded to the each of the gamers who submit the best course record from the blue tees for any of the following courses available in the full version of Easy Golf:

–  Weeping Willow
–  Desert oasis
–  Robot Retreat
–  Hazard County
–  White Mountain C.C.
–  The 19th Hole

The contest begins immediately and ends on March 31, 2009.
For more details and contest rules visit;


New features of the game update include unlockable character accessories, three new courses designed by the talented Nicholas Wilson, and 8 player online matches. 

Other new features include:
– Rain and snow weather effects
– Course records
– Four new scenic backgrounds
 – Outer Space
 – City Lights (Downtown)
 – Rain Conditions
 – Snow Conditions
– Three new trees and two new rocks added to the course editor
– Ability to create islands in the water
A full list of new and updated features can be found at

About Barkers Crest Studio

Barkers Crest Studio is an independent games studio founded in July 2008, specializing in sport oriented games for the Xbox Live Community Game channel. For more details visit



About Easy Golf

Easy Golf is an Xbox Community Game developed and published by Barkers Crest Studio.  Easy Golf is a fun and accessible golf game for people of all ages and skill levels.  Easy Golf features a state-of-the-art golf course designer that allows gamers to create courses in minutes with no special skills involved.”

Download Easy Golf straight to your 360 here;



We can heartily recommend Easy Golf, it has a fantastic course architect and the online sharing of facility means that you’ll always have a new course to play.

Plus with the announcement of the “How low can you go” competition, there has never been a better time to buy Easy Golf. See you online.

Inside Xbox now has an official Youtube page

The guys at Xbox UK have set up an official Inside Xbox Youtube page.

So there’s no need to miss out any Inside Xbox videos anymore. Plus all you 360 owners from around the world can see the videos that are exclusive to Xbox Live UK.

The link is;


Happy Viewing

Interview with David Webb creator of Xbox Live game Hexothermic

You can read our exclusive interview with Stephen Bennett, creator of Poker Squares and Find Teddy here;


Hexothermic is a puzzle game that will blow you away! With 4 different game modes, awards and highscores, Hexothermic is fun for all the family! And it is only 200 MS points. This week we at XboxHornet were lucky enough to have a chance to ask David Webb, the developer, a few question about himself and his Xbox Live Community Game(XBLCG).


Hi David, thanks for talking to us. First off how did you get into making games?
I took A levels in maths and physics, and found out about games programming degrees at Huddersfield university. I have had a passion for gaming since a kid, so I decided to take a shot at it, and have been making games ever since.
Do you play games and what was the last game you played?
I’ve just been playing Dead space. Anyone wanting an example of creating a brilliant atmosphere, this is the game – I get so drawn in by the audio, lighting and set pieces. For fear, forget Resi 5 – this is what you want.

Why did you choose XBLCG to release your game on?

I created it for the dream build play competition and decided to polish it up and release it. It’s a really good place to get your work as a graduate noticed.

Have you made any other games?

No published games, but I’m close to completing my first XBLA title, Yo-Ho Kablammo. (Here is the link to it’s website);

Thanks for the heads up, it’s looking like a really promising game, I’ll look forward to trying it.

Hexothermic has been well received by the community, it has been called original, beautiful and amazing. How does that feel?

This feels great – there are a few titles out there that have really impressed me, and to be counted in one of the good games on the platform is brilliant.

Do you have any plans for Hexothermic in the future?

I am working on my final year at Huddersfield University, and for my dissertation I am working on Hexothermic for the Xbox and the next project I am currently working on – Hexothermic for the IPhone. The game has just been re-approved, with an updated version. The new version has a couple of new graphics, and bugs that have been found have been addressed.

That’s interesting as a few XBLCG developers are making games for both IPhone and Xbox. These platforms seem to be the new homes for independent games makers.

(If you already own the game, don’t forget to download the new updated version)






Are you working on any other Xbox projects? And can you share any details with us yet?
As I said earlier, Im working on an XBLA title, Yo-Ho Kablammo. This won a contract through the first dream build play competition. I can’t tell you too many details, but keep on the lookout for more information soon!
Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to make an XBLCG?
Don’t over stretch yourself, and realise that the best games are the polished games – The game is usually only 25% of the development, the rest is polish. Good UI and consideration of players navigation. Localisation is also a great way of opening up your game, and is fairly easy to do, there are lots of community people to help you out with these things! Use the best practises on the Creators site and follow as many as possible. And playtest a lot – feedback is so valuable.

Do you think that developers can make money out of Xbox Live Community Games?

We shall see come March! I hope so, because the wealth of talent deserves something for the work they put into some of these titles.

Finally has it been worth the effort making Hexothermic?

Yes, it is a great way to experience everything involved in making a complete game – a feat many developers don’t ever follow through with.Indeed it must be satisfying, most developers only get to program a small part of a game.

Thanks for answering some questions for XboxHornet readers, good luck with your games and keep us updated with what you are doing.


You can see user reviews and rate Hexothermic here;
You can download a demo of the game straight to your 360 from here;