MotorHEAT Contest Update – XBLIG

To keep everyone updated about the MotorHEAT contest that Milkstone Studios is running, here is the latest:

To date, 11 “1600 MS Point” cards have been purchased with the proceeds from game purchasers during the contest period, and a total of 1002 entrants have tried their luck.  With 11 days remaining, try out MotorHEAT!  Remember, the more games that sell, the more prizes they give out as the profits are spun right back into the community gamers!

Read our review of the game here.

Read about the contest here.

Watch the trailer here.

Download a demo of the game here.

MotorHEAT Score contest – XBLIG Contest

Milkstone Studios, developers of XBLIG games Wool and Little Racers, released MotorHEAT onto XBLIG on February 26th, and while we’re still too glued to it to write up the review (it’s coming soonish, I promise!), we had to tear ourselves away from it long enough to let you know about a contest Milkstone is currently running.

For those that buy & play the full version of MotorHEAT, you will be entered into a draw for MSPoints cards and XBLIG game codes.  The gimmick is that all profit that Milkstone makes during the contest cycles back into more prizes – if more people buy the game and play it, Milkstone buys more MSPoints cards to give away to the players.  As far as winning yourself an attentive audience, I can’t see a better way to run a contest, so hat’s off to you, Milkstone.  All of the details of the contest are on the Milkstone site here, but I’m really impressed at Milkstone’s interest in getting the community of gamers involved.  Any gold account that plays is eligible to win, and while skill plays a small part in how many entries you get, anyone could be that lucky somebody.  Try out the demo, fall in love, buy the game, win more games – it’s a cycle any indie gamer can get behind.

As for me?  Well, I guess I’ll see you on the global leaderboards!

Download the demo here.

Watch the trailer here.

Win Kingdom for Kelfings XBLA game

Give away closed
The winner was PriusGuy2004, I hope your friend enjoys the game

To celebrate the launch of the massive DLC packs for A Kingdom for Kelfings which you can buy for just 160 MS points each, we are give away a copy of the full game.

To enter all you have to do is pop over to our Video Vault and leave a message telling us why you should receive A Kindom for Keflings.

Head on over to the Marketplace to download a free trial of the game straight to your Xbox.

Click here for the small print.

Encleverment Experiment Give Away XBLA

Give away closed, the winner was Joel – jrp023

Hi folks we have a code for the Xbox Live Arcade game Encleverment Experiment to give away.

To enter head on over to our Video Vault leave a message as to why you would like to receive the Encleverment Experiment along with your twitter tag (this is very important) and we will pick a winner on Christmas eve.

Good luck, click here for the small print

MASSIVE Xbox Give Away

Hi everyone,

The massive give away has started

I will be giving away loads of Xbox games in the coming weeks, I am doing this to help promote Xbox Live Indie Games.

We now have the following codes to give away. follow me on twitter at

1600 Microsoft points – donated by XboxHornet
Drum Kit codes – donated by Smokin Skull follow thebigdaddio on twitter
Nebulon codes – donated by Dark Omen Games follow them on twitter
Mega App Pack code – donated by Wastedseconds follow them on twitter
Hexothermic codes – donated by David Webb
Cocktail Paradise codes – donated by Kitt1e2009 follower her on twitter
Shiatsu Massage codes – donated by Kitt1e2009 follower her on twitter
Dr Popper codes – donated by Billreiss follow him on twitter
Simply Hangman code – donated by follow them on twitter xbligcouk
Puzzle? -donated by follow them on twitter xbligcouk

Barf & Beer codes-donated by Danimal
Gum Drop Celestial Frontier codes – donated by mechaghost, you can follow them on twitter
Pegzo codes – donated by Wam Games follow them on twitter
Bricks4Ever – donated by RunningPixel you can follow them on twitter
Crystal Crush codes -donated by RunningPixel you can follow them on twitter
myFishtank codes – donated by LighthouseGames, follow them on twitter
Puzzle Pandemonium codes- donated by Sondogg Software
Nasty codes – donated by Funinfused, follow them on twitter
Puzzwords codes – donated by Bwoot Games follow them on twitter
Trino – donated by the Trino Team follow them on twitter
Alien Ambush codes – donated by SGN Games follow them on twitter
Golden Royal Blackjack codes – donated by SGN Games follow them on twitter
Golden Royal Holdem codes- donated by SGN Games follow them on twitter
Slottso Party codes – donated by SGN Games follow them on twitter
Penguin Slip Slide codes – donated by SGN Games follow them on twitter
Snax Lite (Cooking Arcade) codes – donated by Phased Games follow them on twitter
Golden Tangram code – donated by Spyn Doctor
A Game of Tennis code -donated by UberGeekGames
Awesome Tank code – donated by UberGeekGames
GameFinder code – donated by UberGeekGames
Ammo codes – donated by Agent MOO, follow them on twitter
Colotristar codes – donated by HackerFace
Being codes – donated by Third Party Ninjas
Planet Delta codes – donated by Evolution Dreams Studio, follow them on twitter
Air Legends codes – donated by Bionic Shark Studios
Mega App Pack HD codes
Find Teddy codes
Poker Squares codes
Fishing Girl Codes
Avatar Drop Codes
Flash Cards For Kids Codes
Classicard Codes
Colotristar Codes – Donated by Ola Gaming

actual list of codes may vary during the give away.

You will need to be following me on twitter to recieve a direct message with the code (XboxHornet) if you are chosen at random.

Note, if the codes do not work in your region, no replacement codes will be given

We still need more codes, developers if you want to donate some codes to help spread the word for XBLIG and XBLA please email me at

If any other XBLIG sites want to collaborate with me then I would be happy to do that too.


Aztec Games MEGA prize give away

Closing date 21st August 2009

Aztec Games have announced a price drop for their Xbox Live Indie Game DoubleVision to just 240 Microsoft Points ($3) and to celebrate XboxHornet have teamed up with Aztec Games to give away nine, yes we said nine games.

the-collector tictactoe theamazingrumblinghypnodisc

There are three prize packs, each containing download game codes for The Collector, Tic Tac Toe and The Amazing Rumbling Hypno Disc.
Three lucky readers picked at random will win all three games, just for downloading the FREE trial version of DoubleVision and answering one simple question.

“Think you have good vision? Put it to the test! Spot the differences in the pictures. Arcade has you race the clock to get the top score. In freeplay you can relax by yourself or compete with a friend. Want something different? Try PuzzleJunk and put your mind to the test! There are over 150 different puzzles!!! There is something for everyone in this one!”

So if you want the chance to win three Xbox live Indie Games keep reading for details of how to enter the prize draw.

Not only that, but everyone gets two chances to enter the prize draw and be one of three lucky readers to win a three game prize pack.


Your first chance to win is to download the FREE trial version of DoubleVision from the Game Marketplace (click here to take you to the Game Marketplace), Xbox Live Indie Games section. Play the trial and then send the answer to a simple question to : only one entry per person.

Your second chance to win is to follow us on Twitter at and retweet our message about this competition. Only one retweet entry per person. To retweet a message on twitter you need to copy our message and prefix it with RT @xboxhornet before sending.

The Question:

In DoubleVision is the Y button used for:

A – Moving the cursor
B – Using a Hint
C – Select/Click

Email your answer to and title the email Doublevision. Good luck.

Make sure you follow us at so that your retweet entry counts, non followers may not be able to receive their winning prize
Winners will be chosen at random.
Game codes may not work in regions that do not have Xbox Live Indie Games on their Xbox dashboard, there are no alternate prizes in these circumstances.
There are no alternative prizes if the game codes do not work on your Xbox.
Winners will be announced on this website.
Closing date for entries will be announced on this website.
Our decision is final and can not be appealed.

Running Pixel – Bricks4Ever Giveaway Friday

Brick4ever giveaway
*Bricks4Ever Giveaway Friday*

Lentini-Italy- Running Pixel is pleased to announce “Bricks4Ever Giveaway Friday” one day of instant contests every gamer can enter to win dozens of our Indie Games. On 7th August the contest will start on Running Pixel web site and on Twitter in a 24h marathon of questions, little enigmas and quizzes.

A fresh giveaway rain for Xbox gamers is coming.

Would you like a free game? Of course you would!

Bricks4Ever Giveaway Friday gives all gamers the chance to win dozens of Xbox redeem codes .

The rules are simple:
Download the free trial of the Xbox Live Indie Game ‘Bricks4Ever’ , answer the questions or solve the little quizzes we post in our site or Twittered here and win our Xbox Indie games.

To download the game from your Xbox 360 go to:

Game Marketplace>Indie Games>Browse>Click ‘B’ and locate Bricks4Ever or book Bricks4Ever free trial on web here:

(Your Xbox 360 console will automatically download the content next time you turn it on and connect to Xbox LIVE.)

The winners list will be published on Running Pixel site on 8th Saturday.

Winners will receive redeem codes for Bricks4Ever and Crystal Crush by email.

The contest will run until August 7th .

That’s all there is to it. Have fun!