Tank Strike Trailer

This is the first promotional Video for my XBox Live Community Game Tank Strike. Tank Strike is a multiplayer artillery game allowing up to 8 people to battle it out in artillery warfare. Tank Strike: It’ll blow you away, with explosions

Duality: ZF Trailer

Coming soon to Xbox LIVE. Price: 400 Microsoft Points. SUBSCRIBE for notification.

Duality: ZF features:
– 6 game modes (home, survival, arcade, score rush, bullet hell, boss rush)
– 4 control modes (solo play, dual play, multidirectional, and [top secret])
– 4x local multiplayer
– 96 different game styles
– 96 online scoreboards (individual and team scores)
– Imphenzia soundtrack

Every game mode can be played with every control mode. Every game mode and every control mode can be played with one to four players. Every game mode and every control mode and every team size (1P, 2P, 3P, and 4P) has its own online scoreboard. Two or more player games count as team efforts and every player receives the team score and competes against other equally-numbered teams, globally. Duality: ZF is locally cooperative and globally competitive. It kicks ass. Your scores will not “drop off” the bottom of the scoreboard list. Everyone gets on the boards. Duality: ZF will be one of the most fun and cooperatively competitive video games on the Xbox 360.

Awesome Tank Trailer

The official trailer for Awesome Tank, available now on Xbox LIVE Community Games!! Download the free trial to your Xbox 360 now at http://xblcg.info/link/awesome-tank. For more information and to see our other games, visit their website at http://www.UberGeekGames.com!

Clover trailer

clover_logoLaunch trailer of Binary Tweed’s political platform puzzler Clover, available exclusively via Xbox LIVE Community Games. Visit binarytweed.com for more information

xblcg.info just keeps getting better and better

The guys behind xblcg.info must be some kind of programing machines, they are up to their magic again and have updated the site to include video trailers of the games. It depends on the developer to contact the website to get their trailer displayed, but some have already.
So not only can you see screen shots, vote on the games, buy the games, even link to the Xbox forums and reviews. You can now see them in there whole glory via a trailer

Check out the site and why not take the time to vote on a few games while you are there.

Fable 2 Next DLC to have new dog breeds

Beyond Achievements for love making and nut shots (and many other items and quests), Lionhead’s upcoming DLC for Fable 2, “See the Future,” will also offer up more dog breeds. IGN has images of a hound, husky and dalmation. Lionhead’s Mark Hill says the breed changes are mostly aesthetic, but some “may become slightly better fighters.”
Source: Joystiq

XBLA and XBLCG sales week of April 20th

Xbox Live Arcade and Xbox Live Community Games sales from Major Nelson’s blog:

Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions purchased)

1 Hasbro Family Game Night**
2 OutRun Online Arcade
3 Castle Crashers
4 Lode Runner
5 The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai
6 Peggle
7 Worms
9 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Classic Arcade

The above arcade list is based on full versions purchased.
**Combined sales of all Hasbro Family Game Night titles

Top Community Games NEW! (Full Versions purchased)

1 RC-AirSim
2 Rumble Massage
3 Aquarium HD
4 BluePrint Racer 4D
5 StrikeForce-Psi
6 DrumKit
7 Drum XPlosion
8 Remote Masseuse
9 Rabid Gophers
10 Ping Time