Keep your party going with more fresh tracks from popular bands including The Fray, The Veronicas and 311 along with a title update there’s no better way to shed the winter cold than with “Lips”

Just in time for spring, “Lips” is set to debut its first downloadable song pack featuring Coldplay, who recently took home three GRAMMY awards including Best Rock Album. Available worldwide on March 13th, the song pack will encompass three of Coldplay’s most famous pieces, including “The Scientist,” “Speed of Sound,” and “In My Place.”

Also budding on Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the “Lips” Get Music Store from February 20 until March 6 are nine fresh tracks from groups like The Fray, Angels and Airwaves, and 311. With tracks hailing from a variety of artists, “Lips” is an affordable way to consistently expand the party game experience only on Xbox 360.

Finally, for singers with a competitive streak, an upcoming title update scheduled for early March will provide improved scoring, better vibrato detection and initiate global Leaderboards that will allow players to see how their performances rank compared to other “Lips” fans around the world. For more details on the title update as well as learn details of an upcoming Q&A with iNiS’ Keiichi Yano, go to the “Lips” Web site at “