XNA Roundup #20 Weapon of Choice, Blow, Carneyvale: Showtime

This week on XNA Roundup we travel back in time to review some of the best early community games. We look at Weapon of Choice, Blow and Carneyvale: Showtime.

XNA Round Up No.18 Trino, Karnn Age and Halfbrick Echoes

OMG!!! This episode is HUGE! Tons of gaming goodness for all our XNA Roundup viewers out there looking to get their xbox 360 community game fix. We’ve got reviews of Trino, Karnn Age and Halfbrick Echoes.

XNA Roundup #15 Bite Sized Reviews #2

This week Nick is doing his bite size reviews again:

From XNA Roundup Headquarters we bring you the 2nd edition of Bite Sized Reviews, that packs tons of gaming goodness into a single podcast. Games covered: Xeno Arena, Drum Xplosion, Zoom, Game About a Soup Factory, Blueprint Racing 4d & Retro 1: Part 2

Xna Round Up no.14

This week from Nick

“Welcome to XNA Roundup episode 14, in which we take a deep look into Rabid Gophers, a collection of 3 mini games that revolve around quickly killing rapacious rodents. We also take bite sized looks at hexement, Aria and Terwilliger. Thanks for watching! “

XNA Roundup episode no.13

Episode #13 of XNA Roundup brings you bite sized gaming morsels found in the community games section on the xbox live marketplace. games reviewed include: NextWar, Dromedary, The Exterminater (sic), Halfbrick Blast Off, BeatBlox, SuperCow, Little Racers.

Plows in Hell preview

Hell has one ice core left and protecting it is your only hope.

Survive the onslaught of all the demons that lurk in fiery pits and you may just save your soul.

Plows in Hell is an arena shooter coming to XBLCG and it supports one to four local multiplayer.

You are a Plow fitted with a cannon and the arena is an ice sheet that is surrounded by the fires of Hell and you have to protect the ice core from the hordes of enemies.

This preview video looks very promising, keep posted to XboxHornet for more news from Hell.


XNA round up no.12 Dishwasher

This week Nick looks at The Dishwasher Dead Samurai the XNA game that has made the jump to XBLA

Ska Studios have also made two community games ZP2K9 and ZSX4 Guitarpocalypse