Angry Barry coming to Xbox Live

Angry Barry looks like it may have been inspired by Michael Douglas in Falling down. It’s and old school side scrolling beat’em up with a difference. Rather than a the central character being a tough looking super stud, it looks like he is a regular Joe that has lost his rag.

The game is in development for Xbox Live Community Games, it’ll be interesting to see how it plays.

Here is the first video of the game, please note, this is just a test video.

XBLA and XBLCG sales week of 23rd March

Via Major Nelson’s Blog:

Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions purchased)

2    Peggle
3    Castle Crashers
4    Worms
5    UNO
7    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
8    3 on 3 NHL Arcade
9    A Kingdom for Keflings
10    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Top Community Games NEW! (Full Versions purchased)

1    RC-AirSim
2    Solar
3    Rumble Massage
4    Aquarium HD
5    DrumKit
6    ZP2K9
7    Remote Masseuse
8    NextWar: The Quest for Earth
9    Little Racers
10    A Fading Melody

More Xbox Community game sales


I am glad to see Word Soup doing so well, it really is a fantastic game. On the flip side, I expected more from Zoomaroom

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Jonny Crush coming to Xbox


An infestation of enormous bugs has swept over the city, and as Ace Exterminator, Jonny Crush, it is your task to deal with the threat by any means necessary. Jonny Crush is a fully 3D, fully animated, and fully action packed game teaming with weapons and power ups to kill the infestion. Jonny Crush features epic battles reaching up to 1,000 and beyond bugs on screen at any given time. Prepare to get swarmed…

Check out here for screen shots:

Keep posted for more Jonny Crush news.

Ophidian Wars heading to Xbox Live Q4 2009


Ophinian Wars is heading to Xbox Live Community Games. Ophidian Wars: The Legend of Kilflame is a retro style, top-down, action/adventure RPG. It’s a video game that’s still under development. It will flaunt 3D graphics rendered in 2D.

The story: Avagar is home to an ancient and diverse species who maintain it’s balance and integrity – known as Spectrals. Spectrals are unique beings who were born with the planet, literally given life from pieces the planet’s core. Their link to the planet is powerful and complex.

Another species known as the Avagarsians are a mostly kind and intelligent one. They are adventurous and ambitious, responsible for exploration and advancements in civilisation. They’ve learned, with practice, to respect and coexist amiably with most Spectrals.

However, a period of peace and advancement has been broken with the sudden appearance of the Ophidians. Balance is now wavering and loyalties are crumbling.

Ophidian Wars: The Legend of Kilflame

Game features: Customise and Equip: Maya can utilize Spectral Core in tandem with unique items she finds. Inserting different type of Core in to Kalim’s Spear (for example), offer a variety of advantages. Choosing the right Core in the right situations is crucial to tackle different challenges.


3D Rendered Graphics

Train and Educate

Ophidian Wars is filling a gap in the market on XBLCG, it is promised to be a fully fledged RPG. You can follow the progress of the

: Learn new abilities by training with allies, finding ancient writings, and completing quests. : Professional level graphics from a top-down perspective, with an active “battle cam” that zooms in, and creates angle for intense combat. : Use the game feature called Internal Monolog to uncover secret items. Exploring new areas and experimenting with abilities will provoke Maya to ponder her situation and possibly reveal clues. will follow the story of a young Avagarsian named Maya, a woman of royalty who is caught in a turbulent time of change, and outcast from her home city of Kilflame. Determined to find answers and help restore peace, she sets out across the desert at the official website

Xbox Live Community Games sales

Gamerbyte have done a very interesting piece on XBLCG sales. It looks like a lot of people are disappointed.

There are few things that MS need to do to improve this, bring back game recommendations for friends to the dashboard, introduce a user scoring system for games so browsers can make informed download choices and thirdly, some advertising would be nice. I think the third thing may happen at the launch of Kudo.

Here is the piece;

Since the start of the XNA Community Games on the Xbox Marketplace it’s been well known that the developers had no way to look at any data about their titles. As of Saturday however, download history is now available, complete with specific details on how many trial games have been download, the amount of sales they make on a daily basis, and which regions they were bought.

Many developers have openly discussed their sales through the XNA Creators forums, or on their own websites. Several others have been in contact with us and are allowing us to display their own totals. I thank every developer who was willing to speak with us and be a part of these statistics.

Below is a chart of sales for 24 different games – the amount of trial versions downloaded, and the amount of games bought. Some of the data is incomplete, but we’ve done our best to be as accurate as possible. The earnings are based on the 70 / 30 scale suggested by Microsoft for how much developers will earn through XNA Community Games, but this can change based off of the amount of promotion Microsoft give a game.

xnasalesmar09.pngRead the rest of the piece here:

XNA Round Up no.11 Battle Havoc and Solar

This week Nick looks at Battle Havoc and Solar.