Wanted – Xbox Live Indie Game heroes

This is all bout the XBLIG gamers out there.

Are you happy to share your Xbox gamertag with other XBLIG gamers and have a twitter account that you don’t mind sharing with the world? Then this could be for you.

By taking part you will hopefully get to meet other XBLIG players and may even make some new friends.

How do you become a XBLIG Hero?


Leave a comment on this message with your Xbox live gamertag and twitter name.

There will occasionally be special promotions just for our XBLIG heroes, so join in the fun today


31 Responses

  1. I like that the indie games are become a better quality game than some of the very first offerings.

    GT Mirpkered
    Twitter @MIrpkered

  2. Pretty simple for me :


    Both Twitter and Xbox Live. 😛

    And wastedseconds.com can be found at @wastedseconds on twitter while I’m being a self promoting whore.

  3. Currently just a XBLIG but hopefully in the not so distant future also a contributer.

    And since Dhalmar started the shameless self promoting, I just go ahead and do the same.
    Early video of my trpg in developemnt for XBLIG

    Gamertag and Twitter account: KoRnedbeaf

  4. Promote away

  5. Sounds like fun.

    GT and Twitter: onyx62is

  6. Of course I wanted to say:
    Currently just a XBLIG “GAMER” but hopefully in the not so distant future also a contributer.

  7. Go XBLIG!

    Gamer Tag and Twitter: mechaghost

  8. maybe ill meet someone cooler than me.

    dbomb_90 — twitter
    dbomb90 XBL


  9. I have quite a few XBLIG I play and I run xbligratings.com. If anyone is looking to play some multiplayer Indie Games hit me up.

    @xblaratings on twitter

  10. fresh0288 is my gamertag and it is for twitter to.

  11. Hi i dont mind joining in gametag =barmyarmy1875 twitter. = @barmyarmy1875

  12. MarkMD76 – XBL & Twitter

    Following the example set by Dhalamar:
    Review Site : http://www.xblig.co.uk
    Twitter : @xbligcouk

  13. Hi! I’m Xavi Sanchez from Evolution Dreams Studio.

    Gamertag: EvolutionDreams
    Twitter: evolutiondreams

  14. Hey, this is Aaron from GeeQ Studios. We’ve got one game out on XBLIG (Aaron’s Ping-Pong), and are working on a few more…slightly more interesting games for you all to enjoy 🙂

    Site : http://geeq.com
    Personal twitter: http://twitter.com/sangretu
    Company twitter: http://twitter.com/geeqstudios

  15. Gamertag = Mr Family Guy
    Twitter = ChrisOuten

  16. Yay!
    I’m Alex from Haiku Interactive. We’re about to launch our Xbox Indies game, Crate Expectations.

    Gamertag: super moggy
    Twitter: @moggy


  17. @Aaron – I still play that game from time to time. lol

  18. Some awesome Indie games out there….

    ~ Gamertag: hodsey78
    ~ Twitter: @hodsey77

  19. @Dhalamar So do I 😉 Truth be told though, I kinda suck at it. All my friends beat me. Need to make a new version that gives me a handicap based on gamertag!

    Glad you like it, mate 🙂

  20. Gamertag: StealthRequiem
    Twitter: Shadow_Side
    Site: http://shadow-side.com/

  21. Our twitter is @BadRadish
    Our lead dev’s gamertag is ivonatron

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  23. ExL Studios Founder

    Gamertag: ExaltedLegions
    Twitter: @exlstudios

    Website: http://exlstudios.synthasite.com/
    Blog: http://exlstudios.wordpress.com/

  24. GamerTag: Talryyn
    Twitter: @Talryyn

    Site: http://www.TalryynGames.com

  25. Milkstone Studios

    Gamertag: WaaghMan
    Twitter: @milkstone

    Website: http://www.milkstonestudios.com

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  28. Monday 26th 8.30pm GMT is the first XBLIG session featuring Little Racers. See you there

  29. Hey, I would like to take part.

    Gamertag: rusted3572

    Twitter: @rusted3572

    Blog: http://rusted3572.wordpress.com/

  30. DigitalDuffman

  31. Indie games heroes for xbox?
    Would be cool 🙂

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