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Fish Racer Arcade review

Microsoft Forming ‘Revolutionary’ Game Studio: New job listing confirms rumored Xbox motion controller?

Mega Man 2.5D – Trailer: Mega Man 2.5D mixes classic Mega Man gameplay with 3D. This new video shows some of the..

Lionhead might unveil something big at Microsoft presser

TXB News: Wolfenstein 3D for Xbox Live Arcade Officially Announced

Pre E3 09: King of Fighters XII Trailer: The King of Fighters XII (X360)This is your time to fight.

EA’s latest trailer for The Saboteur is looking delicious, as much as a gritty WW2 game can, anyway:

TXB News: JayZ and Eminem Join to Collaborate on DJ Hero

From the forums: Toy Story 3 Teaser Trailer

Bethesda has unveiled its new game. Well, sort of. The name’s Brink, and not much is known yet. Teaser trailer:

Worst XBLCG?

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New & recommended, 200 MS points myFishtank on Xbox LIVE Community Games. Free trial and ratings at

TXB News: LEGO Indiana Jones 2 Announced

myFishtank review

TXB News: Eidos Announces E3 2009 LineUp

Watch Sky on your Xbox, pictures

Excited about E3 watch it live.

Win a car in the UK version of 1 vs 100

Raskulls competition closes on June 17th

Clover developer interview

Masseffect_newsNew Exclusive E3:09 Teaser for Mass_Effect 2 is up on gametrailers.(Definitely a must watch)

1 vs 100 only in UK, ROI, France and Germany. Interview.

BBC programs heading to your Xbox in the US

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How to watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK ad.

Fight Night Round 4 demo is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace.

TXB News: Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince Trailer #2: This trailer shows never before seen locati..

TXB News: Raiden 4 Announced, New Trailer and Screens Released: UFO Interactive Games announced today t..

New Iron Maiden tracks on the way to Rock Band

TXB News: Namco Bandai Games Teases Plans for E3 2009: Namco Bandai Games America announced today highl..

Video: The big guns and big moves of Bionic Commando

Cavein miner rescue review

Classicard developer interview

Classicard v1.4 out now and also on 50% off sale price

Splinter Cell Conviction new teaser site opens, reveals emo Sam

Brave: A Warrior’s Tale Trailer: Brave: A Warrior’s Tale (X360)This is one fantasy adventure you don’t want to m..

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Trailer: F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (X360)Come check out this spine-tingling supernat..

E3 2009: IGN’s 360 Trends and Predictions: Find out what gaming’s biggest show has in store for 360 fans.

TXB News: Fight Night Round 4 Demo Announced and Dated: We have updated the Fight Night Round 4 image g..

Alan Wake Gets New Animations: Alan Wake (X360) Not that we knew much about the old ones.

Raiden Fighters Aces Review: Raiden Fighters Aces (X360)Three shooters, one package.

TXB News: Wolfenstein 3D Coming to Xbox Live Arcade: The game that started the firstperson shooter genr..

SEGA US Blog: SEGA Announces Resonance of Fate!: SEGA of America and SEGA Europe have announced a n..

Our comrades at IGN have an exclusive new BioShock 2 vid that showcases the dastardly Big Sister:

Crackdown Premium Theme coming tomorrow: Yes, old. We’re sure there’s a reason.

TXB News: Brtal Legend Screenshots: This game keeps looking better with every new screenshot.

Realtime Worlds teases APB appearance at E3

Terminator Salvation- The Videogame Trailer: Terminator Salvation (X360)See first hand what a post apocalyptic a..

TXB News: Sacred 2 Fallen Angel “Epic” Trailer: To celebrate the release of Sacred 2 Fallen Angel to No..

TXB News: New Titles Join the Xbox 360 Platinum Hits Collection: Microsoft announced today that eight n..

Microsoft Aquires BigPark Games, claims it needs to develop New Exclusive Titles for 360

Grapple Buggy announced for #XBLCG

The Bigs 2 Trailer: The Bigs 2 (X360)The Big leagues just got bigger with all new features and game modes.

Modern Warfare 2 Details Leaked: Many new key details have been emerging about the hottest upcoming shooter Mode..

PS3, 360, PC | Bioshock 2: A new 9 minute walkthrough has been posted over at IGN. It gives a little bit of a cl..

News: Superstars V8 launching on June 26th: Speaking to Eurogamer Black Bean have revealed that Suerstars V..

From @gamedaily All- Lord of the Rings MMO for 360 to Potentially Debut at $12.99/month

Joystiq interview: the EA/Hasbro game agreement

Xbox Motion controller dated

TXB News: NCAA Football 10 Screenshots: We bring you new screenshots of NCAA Football 10 featuring the ..


News: 1942: Joint Strike and Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3: GEM Impact, Inc. announced today that the..

News: Far Cry 2 gets massive title update: Ubisoft have released a title update for Far Cry 2, here’s the l..

Call of Duty 7 in production

Atari pulls out of E3

1 vs 100 Achievements leaked

Eets Develeoper Working On New XBLA Title?

Star Trek D.A.C. and Texas Cheat’em available now on #xbla

Quick sneak peak of Maya (Ophidian Wars) in action!

Latest media coverage: (Duality ZF)

WSJ: Microsoft prepping Xbox 360 motion control camera

Castle Crashers hits 900,000 players, Behemoth offers prize for guessing date of millionth

Duke Nukem Forever may not be dead yet, Trilogy still coming: With 3D Realms shut down and the team disbanded, w..

Karnn Age review

Thief 4 (or Thiaf, if you’re Eidos) is a very very long way away: Early 2011, is our guess.

RT: @majornelson: We just released new footwear for Xbox 360 Avatars. Check ’em out if you want to change things: