Running Pixel – Bricks4Ever Giveaway Friday

Brick4ever giveaway
*Bricks4Ever Giveaway Friday*

Lentini-Italy- Running Pixel is pleased to announce “Bricks4Ever Giveaway Friday” one day of instant contests every gamer can enter to win dozens of our Indie Games. On 7th August the contest will start on Running Pixel web site and on Twitter in a 24h marathon of questions, little enigmas and quizzes.

A fresh giveaway rain for Xbox gamers is coming.

Would you like a free game? Of course you would!

Bricks4Ever Giveaway Friday gives all gamers the chance to win dozens of Xbox redeem codes .

The rules are simple:
Download the free trial of the Xbox Live Indie Game ‘Bricks4Ever’ , answer the questions or solve the little quizzes we post in our site or Twittered here and win our Xbox Indie games.

To download the game from your Xbox 360 go to:

Game Marketplace>Indie Games>Browse>Click ‘B’ and locate Bricks4Ever or book Bricks4Ever free trial on web here:

(Your Xbox 360 console will automatically download the content next time you turn it on and connect to Xbox LIVE.)

The winners list will be published on Running Pixel site on 8th Saturday.

Winners will receive redeem codes for Bricks4Ever and Crystal Crush by email.

The contest will run until August 7th .

That’s all there is to it. Have fun!


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