Gum Drop Celestial Frontier comes to Xbox

Press release:

The shooter where you don’t shoot, but smash your enemies. Featuring physics based gameplay in space, Gum Drop Celestial Frontier defines a new way to play shooters by removing the shooting mechanic and adding a big ball attached to your ship that you use to smash your opponents. Featuring 20 levels of destruction, and a infinite mode where you can smash enemies indefinitely.

Fight in the colorful depths of outer space in a beautiful 2D top down view
Link to your S.M.A.S.H to swing it around or throw it at enemies for metal bending destruction
Leave you S.M.A.S.H unlinked and let it follow you around or direct it to S.M.A.S.H directly into your opponents
Fight over 15 different enemies of various shapes,sizes, and behaviors

Feed your base with Gum Drops to get more Power-Ups that will give you the advantage you need
Available for free on the PC and available on Xbox Indie Games


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