Sonic and Knuckles and Gunstar Heroes coming to XBLA

The two Sega classics, Sonic and Knuckles and Gunstar Heroes are coming to Xbox Live Arcade. There has been no official announcement, but conformation in Gamer Bytes and OXM stories that seem to have very reliable sources.

We all know and love Sonic and you’ll be pleased to here that Sonic and Knuckles is roumored to be the full pug through version that was available on the Megadrive, not in Sega Megadrive Ulitmate collection. So you’ll be able to play the game as it was meant to be played.

There may be a few people out there that never got to play Gunstar Heroes, well you are in for a treat. Gunstar Heroes is a side scrolling shooter. The player has four weapons to choose from, and they can be combined in various pairs to create a total of 14 unique weapons. In addition to the weapons, the player can engage enemies in close quarters combat. It is possible to grab and toss enemies, perform sliding and jumping attacks and a long-range skid. It was the largest selling Megadrive game in Japan and let’s face it the Japanese know a thing or two about shooters.
Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long for these Sega classics.


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