UNO Rush first impressions


UNO Rush is upon us, has the long wait been worth it. Announced a long time ago as having Avatar support, it was thought by many to be a NXE launch title, so it has been a long time coming.

First off the use of Avatars is really cool, in the lobby they get twitchy while waiting for players to join, which is not for too long as the game is already well populated. You can move their heads around. It’s just a shame you can’t clap the winner or make them move more.

Now for the game play. Anyone who has played UNO before should be able to pick this up fairly easily. It’s still worth playing the tutorial in single player mode though, as it is different enough from UNO to be a little confusing at the start. People new to UNO should be able to catch on pretty fast, I would definitely recommend you play locally for a while to get the hang of the game before jumping into ranked matches though.

The basic premise of UNO Rush is that rather than picking what card to put down, the one at the top of your hand is the card in play. For example if the centre card is red and you have a red card at the top of your hand it is automatically placed on the pile. If you have organised your other red cards after the top card they will be put down automatically. It is possible to get rid of your whole hand if you have arranged your cards correctly.

UNO Rush, lives up to it’s name. You’re constantly having to reorder your cards as the colours change. Getting ready to lay the next one down can be frantic. Because of this some people who liked to play UNO at a more sedate pace are going to struggle.

A great addition is the local multiplayer, after all this is what playing cards is about, being in the same room as your opponents, it works perfectly and it is a game that should get the whole family round the Xbox.

UNO Rush is a great addition to XBLA and is a sure-fire hit, see you online.



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