16 Xbox games to beat the credit crunch part 1

Part 1:

You can read Part 2 of this lis here.

In these hard economic times I am sure most people out there are trying to save some money and spend a little less. Well how would you like to get more bang for your buck when it comes to gaming?

Well if you own an Xbox 360, are online and are lucky enough to live in a country that has access to Xbox Live Community games, here is a list of games that will cost you pennies and help to keep you playing through these tough times.

All these games are just 200 points, that’s $2.50/£1.70 approx.

These games are in no particular order, you can download free demos straight to your 360 here:



Or click on the name of the game


Snake 360 Lite

Do you want classic gameplay with TWO 4-player Battle modes, 90 levels of action, great music from SCI Recordings, tight controls and Internet Ranking? If so, Snake360 Lite may be for you! Snake360 Lite contains many of Snake360’s best features–including the top-notch multiplayer battles–for half the price! Hours of fun await!


It’s snake and definitely worth 200 points if you miss playing the game on your old Nokia 3300



Hexothermic is a puzzle game that will blow you away! With 4 different game modes, awards and high scores, Hexothermic is fun for all the family! Top Ten Community game 2008 – Gamerbytes.com


Spend hours being soothed by the music in this unique puzzle game.


Bowling X


A realistic physics simulated bowling game with charming graphics, immersive controls and supportive sound effects. Multiplayer mode supports up to 8 players.


Taking the family bowling can be expensive, but it need not be with this fantastic game. You can get the whole family playing, as the controls are simple enough for granny.


Poker Squares

Place 25 cards in a 5 by 5 grid to make the 10 best poker hands. The better the poker hands the bigger score. Play Solo, against the A.I. or with 4 Local Players. Any game can also be played as a Speed Game. A number of top 10 high score tables are kept. Both USA and UK scoring systems are supported. Watch out! The A.I. is very hard to beat!


A firm favourite at XboxHornet, we can’t recommend it enough.




Groov is a frenetic dual-stick shooter that makes you the conductor of an intergalactic jazz fusion orchestra. Every action in Groov has a musical reaction, and with three unique modes, randomized music, and powerups that slow down the song (and your enemies), no two playthroughs are ever alike!


A duel stick shooter that takes the genre in a new direction, make sweet music with every shot. This highly acclaimed game should be on your list to purchase.


Drum Kit

Drum Kit allows you to play drums on your Xbox 360 using your either your drum controller or your standard Xbox 360 controller. Chose from 50 different drum and percussion sounds and play along with tracks from your music library. There is even a metronome for practising.


Aspiring drummers can play along to their favourite tunes with Drum Kit.



Zoomaroom is a physics based platformer that is sure to test your skills. Compete with your friends to get the best time in 70 built-in rooms. Create & share your own rooms on XBL using the in-game editor. Collect all 350 coins to unlock rooms and fun costumes. Zoom baby zoom!


Zoomaroom is a sure fire hit and the level editor and online sharing will keep the game fresh for a long, long time.

Last but not least


Miner Dig Deep

Dig and expand your mine to find greater treasures from the depths. Build the deepest mine so you can make your fortune in rare gems and metals from the earth below.


One of the best games available on XBLCG this simple platformer/RPG will engross you till the end and then get you to come back and play it again. It has a depth of game play that is just brilliant.

Look out for the second part of this list coming soon.



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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Miner Dig Deep oh how you haunt me and my quest to dig deeper.

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