First screen shots of Rebel Racing 3D for Xbox 360


We have just been contacted by Vander from Imersiva and I am happy to be able to bring you the first screen shots of Rebel Racing 3D. Not only that but you can also play a preview of the game online at;



Rebel Racing 3D is going to be released on Xbox Live Community Games and Vander described it to us “It is a fast paced ships racing game over terrains. So you must make three laps before the opponents, but to gain speed you must fly at low altitudes. That is not easy, though. If you collide with terrain or enemies, your energy is decreased until you explode (and it happens fast).”.


This is certainly a game that we’re looking forward to – the video below is of the game in action. Unfortunately the quality of the video is not great, but when you look at the screen shots and video I think you’ll agree that RR3D is looking like it could raise the bar for XBLCG.