XBLCG that have had updates recently

The following games have recently had updates, you need to delete your existing version and re-download the game. This will not effect your saved games or leaderboards. Unfortunately we do not have details of what each update consists of, so please leave a comment if you know.

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Pirate Cubes

Developer: Peter Conti
Genre: Fighting
Price: 200
Ratings: Violence: 1/3, Sex: 1/3, Mature: 1/3
Last Updated: April 14, 2009

Welcome to world of Pirate Cubes. Choose from 10 different characters each with their own unique special move. Simple for all levels of skill yet extremely fun to play, especially against your friends or family. You will love the charm of Pirate Cubes.

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Nick’s top 10 XBLCG video

This week to celebrate the 10th episode of XNA Roundup, Nick looks at his top 10 favourite Community games.

So in the same spirit her are XboxHornet’s top 10;

1. Miner Dig Deep

2. Easy Golf

3. ZP2K9

4. Word Soup

5. Bowling X

6. Zoomaroom

7. Poker Squares

8 Cavein Miner Rescue

9. Blow

10. Carneyvale Showtime

What are your favourite XBLCG?

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