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There have been a couple of games on Xbox Live Community Games (XBLCG) that have targeted the kiddie audience, Dokee and the Dancing Rain being the favourite with the younger ones in my family. But Find Teddy by Stephen Bennett, creator of Poker Squares is the first to do it really well.

The graphics are appropriately candy like and cute to attract kids, but they are in no way garish. The background music consists of circus top style organ music that fits well with the game.
Now to the important part – the game play. Find Teddy is described as “A puzzle game for young children. Find the Teddy that matches the clues and then make your own Teddy.” And it is really that simple. It has 4 levels, in level 1 you get 2 clues and 4 teddies to choose from, in level four you get 16 teddies and 4 clues, so Find Teddy should have a difficulty level to suit  many young children.

Your reward for success is to unlock items that you can then use to customise your own teddy back on the main menu. This is a great little touch, because as every Xbox owner knows achievements will keep you coming back for more.
All in all, another fine game from Stephen and at 400 points, it’s very welcome addition to XBLCG that I am sure will be loved by the little ones.
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Interview with the creators of Xbox Live game Bloc

Xbox Live game Bloc
Xbox Live game Bloc

Most people have heard that “the family that plays together, stays together”, but does the family that Creates together do the same? We chatted with brothers and Creators Nick and Matthew Gravelyn to find out.  

Could you describe Bloc for anyone who hasn’t seen or played it yet?  

Matthew: Bloc is basically a top-down shooter, but we changed how you handle firing projectiles, which we call ‘orbs’. We use the four face buttons to control firing orbs based on the color of the button, not the orientation.

If you press the “A” button, you fire a green orb, “B” for a red orb, and so on. The enemies are also in these four colors, and to destroy them you must hit it with a matching colored orb. To make the whole thing even trickier, the player uses the bumpers or triggers to rotate the guy-man appropriately.

What made you want to make this sort of puzzle game?

Matthew: We went through a lot of different ideas when we started the process. We didn’t have any real goal in mind, except a lot of our ideas seemed to focus on color matching. We thought about doing something rhythm-based, a falling block puzzler, and a few others. We finally settled on this shooter/puzzle idea, which itself isn’t too crazy.

What pushed our game into “unique” was the decision to use the colored buttons of the controller, which was a key feature in our design from very early on. That uniqueness was what we really focused on. We wanted to contribute something fresh to Xbox LIVE Community Games.

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OXM interview with Raphael Mun developer of sin(Surfing)

What kind of feeling do you get from being one of the most popular community games?

It is pretty exciting to see it on the most popular list but considering XNA Community Games is still very new, I would like to wait to celebrate. I definitely hope that this isn’t the last time one of my games is on the Most Popular list though!

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Destructiod video review

Groov is one of those games that are better than they have any right to be. Shooter fans should be looking down on it for not rivalling a title like Geometry Wars, while fans of other trippy music games should be put off by the visuals. However, the game presents itself as such a nice balance of the two genres that it’s difficult not to enjoy. Costing a mere 200 Points, I would recommend this as a purchase. A few dollars is definitely worth the pleasure this can bring your ears.

Score: 7.0 — Good (7s are solid games that definitely have an audience. Might lack replay value, could be too short or there are some hard-to-ignore faults, but the experience is fun.)

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XNA Roundup episode no. 1 (Sin Surfing, Word Soup)

Word Soup is one of my personal favourite Community Games, you can read my thoughts on the game at

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Poker Squares

Place 25 cards in a 5 by 5 grid to make the 10 best poker hands. The better the poker hands the bigger score. Three modes of play: Solo, against the A.I. and against another Local Player. Each of these can also be played as a Speed Game. A number of top 10 high score tables are kept. Both USA and UK scoring systems are supported. Watch out! The A.I. is very hard to beat!

Edit: Watch this space for news of a possible update for this game, I have been in contact with the one of the creators Stephen Bennett and I’ll let you know all the latest news.

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