Clover Original Soundtrack Available Free

Press release
London, United Kingdom – Friday 26th February

Clover Original Soundtrack Available Free

In the run-up to Clover: A Curious Tale’s March 3rd release, Binary Tweed and Blitz 1UP are making the soundtrack to the XBLIG original Clover available for free. Featuring a half hour of original piano compositions and bonus rock demo, the OST can be downloaded direct from Blitz 1UP or re-hosted by media outlets.

Whilst this freely-distributable version is that of the original game, Clover: A Curious Tale will feature completely re-recorded and expanded tracks with additional pieces not available in the original.

Clover: A Curious Tale is a downloadable indie title created in partnership with Blitz 1UP, an initiative of Blitz Games Studios. The expanded revamp of XBLIG Clover is to be released on Wednesday 3rd March through and as-yet unannounced partners for the price of GBP5.99, EU6.99 and USD9.99.

About Binary Tweed –

Binary Tweed is an independent games studio created in September 2008, focusing on the reinvention of classic genres to make “new games that are bit like old games, but better.” After leaving the financial sector, founder Daniel ‘Deejay’ Jones set up shop using the services of a network of friends and ex-colleagues of a variety of creative disciplines. He aims to bring original takes on vintage games to new and experienced gamers alike, using the power of his 10” moustache.


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