Initiative for joint advertising of XBLIG

Thanks to the Microsoft and the Creators club for their support

As a response to developers not being able to advertising on the major gaming sites because of the prohibitive costs, a collaboration of us have united.
We are organising a band of pioneering developers who are determined to increase the public awareness of Indie games on the Xbox, Marketplace.

We have taken the bold step of booking advertising on the Official Xbox Magazine website for the month of March ‘10.

The costs of the advertising are being shared by the developers, the advertising spots are being split into six day blocks in which the games featured will have twenty thousand impressions on OXM at a fraction of the cost of advertising a single game.

Some developers are testing the waters with twenty thousand impressions and some are advertising for eighteen days and sixty thousand impressions.

In these exciting times for Xbox Indie games why not join in our band of merry men (and women) in advertising on the Official Xbox Magazine where your games can get unparalleled exposure outside the dashboard.

An example of the add can be found here, click the banner and it will take you to an example advert page.

If this is something that you would be interested in, please contact us. Or come and discuss it at our forum. You can leave a comment and I will contact you, if that is easier.


9 Responses

  1. I like this idea, my only worry is, and I know you can’t discriminate, people seeing adverts for poorer games may try these games and judge the whole service by this.

  2. Hopefully they will stick around and try some of the top rated games too.

  3. I’m not a fan of advertising in general but community funded advertising sounds good. Interesting that the XNA team is eager to see the results, I hope this goes well for all involved and the self promotion increases.

    What do you think about adding a checkbox when you submit a game to donate a percentage of your sales to something like this? Of course we already do this but MS hasn’t taken any extra money out of games they have “promoted” on the dashboard.

    I know there’s a system in place to keep track of referrals to the xbox marketplace, Major Nelson has one linked from his site. Are you planning on asking MS if you can get a referral tracker? Perhaps if you have someone from the XNA team make the request it will have more clout and speed.

  4. […] can read the full article here About Sgt. ConkerThe Sergeant! Tagged as: Advertising, XBLIG, XBOXHornet Leave a comment […]

  5. @Ben I’m not sure how you can say you aren’t a fan of advertising in general. How else do you get exposure if not for advertising?

    Anyway, I think this is a great idea. If I ever get around to making an XBLIG I would definately sign up to something like this.

  6. I’d be interested in trying this out with Square Off, please drop me a line. Pity it’s not with, but I imagine that’d be a little more expensive.

  7. About the “poorer games” idea. You could also levy that criticism against the entire console. Not all of the games are good, but they are all marketed yet the situation doesn’t seem to be broken.

  8. What does “twenty thousand impressions” mean?

  9. The advert will be shown 20,000 times on the OXM website

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