SlideColors – Xbox Indie Review XBLIG

A review by Christopher Ellis for Xbox Hornet


SlideColors is yet another entry into the match-three puzzle game, but
it’s not as simple as others. Instead of rotating a few pieces around
a central axis point, or switching two pieces, you move entire rows
and columns. The game has three modes: puzzle, time attack, and clear

Puzzle mode starts you off easy, getting you used to the mechanics of
game play. You have to move the colored blocks into corresponding
colored holes. It seems easy enough, but the patterns (and starting
block placement) can be devilishly tricky. You don’t get to set your
blocks into their spots and forget about them, they still move around
until you get everything just perfect. This play mode has a normal
mode available from the start. But it also has a hard mode that can
only be unlocked by beating normal mode.

Time Attack has you matching rows or columns of at least three. You
have a set amount of blocks you need to clear in each level and a set
amount of time. If you match five, a special power-up appears that
will clear the row and column it appears in. As levels progress,
you’re faced with big red X blocks that cause the row and column they
appear in to be unmoveable.

Clear Blocks has you clearing cells of blocks that have metallic
backgrounds. Once you clear all the metallic cells, you’re whisked
away to the next level. You’ll find many of the same qualities of Time
Attack in this mode as well. It sounds easy, but seeing every metallic
cell gets a bit harder when you start clearing the board. I would’ve
liked to see some sort of higher visibility effect as you destroy
blocks, maybe the metal heating up and turning red. Or perhaps this
was a conscious design choice? Make it a bit harder to see as you go
along to raise the difficulty.

SlideColors features beautiful, clean graphics. Each different block
has both a distinctive color and a distinctive shape on top of it. The
game also has great music and sound effects.

There are few faults to this game, but not many, and nothing that
detracts from the quality of the game. As I see it, this might be one
of the most pure, addictive puzzle games I’ve seen on any platform. I
just wish there was some sort of infinite mode.

Final Score: 9/10

Christopher can be found on Xbox Live by the gamertag Azrane1.

Download a free trial of the game here.


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