Office Disorders – Xbox Indie Review XBLIG

A review by Christopher Ellis for Xbox Hornet

Office DisOrders

Office DisOrders is a Sims-like game that takes place in a corporate
environment. I say Sims-like, because while you have to meet your
body’s general needs as you work,the game isn’t as open-ended as the
Sims. Given the nature of corporate environments, this isn’t
necessarily a bad thing.

You play as Jennifer, who has just been sent to a small office by a
temp agency. Over the course of a single week, you’re hired on
permanently, fired and rehired multiple times.

Throughout the game, you’re given tasks to do. As you complete them,
the story moves forward. But, you have to watch your hunger, thirst,
energy, and bladder. Any of those get too low, you’ll start to get
stressed out. If your stress gauge gets full, you’ll quit your job;
game over. Luckily, the stress gauge takes at least 45 seconds to
fill, so unless all four of

Considering the Sims element of managing yourself, the rest of the
gameplay was perhaps painfully linear. Beyond moving the story forward
and keeping yourself healthy, there’s nothing else you can do. This
really made me feel let down; there’s almost no sense of exploration
in this game. In its defense, the game is a very funny tongue-in-cheek
look at office life and bureaucracy. It’s almost reminiscent of Office

The game has simple controls, move with the left stick, confirm
actions with A. The game uses a circle menu for all its interfacing
options. I like that once you use your thumbstick to select your
choice, you can release it and the game will choose that option.

The game features simple, clean 3D graphics. What surprised me was the
detail given to seemingly nondescript objects. The computers show
several different screens based on how they are currently being used.
Your coworkers’ computers will frequently show they’re playing
solitaire, showing they’re doing about as much work as you are playing
a video game about working.

The music is of a higher quality than I’d expected. The game has
varied sound effects which are used sparingly enough. I think the
audio levels could have been normalized a bit better so some sound
effects didn’t drown out the music. Likewise, some of the music was
too loud.

Everything boiled down, the gameplay is bland, but the story is funny,
and the game is very short. Sadly, the humor isn’t enough to sustain
the game for it’s relatively short length.

Game Score: 6/10

Christopher can be found on Xbox Live by the gamertag Azrane1.

Download a free demo here.


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