Power Volley – Xbox Indie Review

An XboxHornet review by WDesm

“An enjoyable-if-simplistic take on ‘Souped-Up’ VolleyBall”

“Extreme-i-fied” Sports Games are nothing new. Probably the most iconic entry in the genre is the old Super Dodgeball game, where a seemingly-regular game of Dodgeball is kicked up a few notches by the inclusion of super power-ups. Powa Volley aims for that same amped-up sports adventure, and does a pretty decent job at it.

The gameplay is supercharged with the inclusion of eight unique monsters, each with an individualized play style and each with a super power (the playstyles can range from a “cannon” that fires volleys at the volleyball rather than jump to a ball of glue that can stick to walls, and the superpowers are even more esoteric). Instead of a serve button or control over your character’s upper half, all characters simply “hit” the ball with themselves. I suppose it’s not too troublesome of a design, but it is annoying to hit a ball somewhat off-kilter, only to find that your character has headbutted the ball dead into the net.

The game includes a variety of gameplay modes, including singles, doubles (with local support for either co-op or competitive misadventures), and even online play….although the both times I checked for online games, I was unable to find any games at all. Perhaps if enough people are aware of the game’s entertainment potential for a couch crew of up to 4, we might actually see some online games appear.

If you’re not up to a goofy game of superpowered monsters, there is a variety of ‘training’ and endurance modes included in the game, which I really appreciate, as it offers those that enjoy the game a large amount of replayability. While not all styles of gameplay need a “hook” to encourage replayability, it is always a pleasure to find some that hit the mark.

Overall, Powa Valley is rather average. It’s not fantastic, and low populations is a nail in any multiplayer coffin, but if you have a few friends over, and want to try some goofy take on volleyball, well, at the very least, try the demo.

Game Score 6.5/10

Download a free trial of the game here.


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