Roid Riot review (Xbox Indie)

A review for XboxHornet by War Gamer

Almost everyone knows the game “Asteroids” released by Atari in 1979. It’s a classic top down space shooter where you control a ship destroying asteroids and alien ships while moving around the screen to stay alive. Like most Atari games, the main objective was to compete for the highest score.

Roid Riot seems to be the next-gen version of “Asteroids”. You control a ship in an asteroid field and your goal is to destroy asteroids and enemy ships. Unlike “Asteroids” however, the game is 3D and you control the ship from a third person perspective. The controls are smooth. Aim is inverted with no option to change it and is slightly touchy. While destroying the asteroids, you can collect power ups such as homing missiles, invincibility, a shotgun cannon, mines, and energy that allow you to regain health. They aren’t really needed and when you do receive a weapon upgrade, it doesn’t last long. However, you will be wanting them to clean up all of the small asteroid chunks. When you get enough on the screen, it really lags. Included in the game is online multiplayer and 2 player system link but no one is online to compete with. With some splitscreen adventure mode, co-op or multiplayer, it could have been fun for a few minutes longer. Even multiple game modes would have been nice like an adventure mode, taking out so many targets, proper upgrades, etc.

The game does include music, but without it, it would of added to the emptiness of space. That’s not to say it wasn’t good or they shouldn’t have included it. The music is a catchy techno vibe, but gets boring if you survive for a while. At least it does have custom soundtrack support allowing you to select any song on your console though.

With that said, there isn’t much replay value in this game unless you want to just sit back and aimlessly remove asteroids or oncoming ships on the screen. I say this game is worth a try, but even at 80 points it’s hard to recommend. With the extra game modes and split screen co-op, it would have at least been interesting enough for a few minutes longer. If there was another release or update with some of these extras I’d give it another try and probably recommend it.

Game Score 6/10 for some interesting shooting elements, smooth controls, and catchy music.

Download a free demo of the game here


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