Goblyn Stomp review

A review for XboxHornet by Christopher Ellis

If Mario has taught gamers anything over the past twenty-five years, it’s that if strange creatures start moving toward you, it’s best to jump on them. Goblyn Stomp takes this lesson to heart, but does so in a silent-film setting that is seldom seen these days.

You play as Mr. Chap Scaliwag and must clear the street of goblyns, creatures that I think look a bit like wingless chickens. With your fancy bowler hat and cane, you rain down death to the goblyns by jumping on top of them, stomping on them, planting remote ‘mynes’ to blow them up, and even use your cane as a rotary blade.

The game is set in a single screen. Goblyns will slowly begin to walk in. While you only begin with your basic jump, killing certain numbers of these unlocks the abilities I’ve mentioned above. Likewise, as you kill them, more and more will begin to march in from all directions. You do have to be careful as you only have so much health. The townsfolk will aid you though, dropping bottles of tonic for you to regain health. Once you lose all your health, you die, but then it takes you to the score screen, where you seen the fancy Mr. Scaliwag standing triumphantly on top of a large pile consisting of the exact number of goblyns you managed to kill.

The character of Chip Scaliwag, along with the silent-film setting, is a nice breath of air. The entire game is sepia-toned and has clean graphics throughout. I did have the problem of losing sight of a tonic while an army of goblyns marched over it. The only thing that I can think of that would make the graphics seem any more perfect for its setting would be an old-film grain effect.

Musically, the game features different bits of ragtime-like piano tunes, which are very fitting. Depending on how long you last, the music may restart, but I didn’t find it to be distracting. Your sound effects include different drums and a slide whistle, though the sound of goblyns dying is an awkward combination of a chirp and crunch. That specific sound effect, because you can hear it multiple hundreds of times is the single worst part of this game for me. It’s not terrible, but the repetition tends gets irritating.

While the game is fun and silly (which is also fun), I would have liked to see it split up into stages, or given you a slight respite before additional waves invade the screen. As it is, you play until the street is nothing but a sea of goblyns and there’s no end until you die. That makes it hard for me to find a decent spot to pause if needed.

In all honesty, I can’t force myself to play this game for more than twenty minutes at a time due to the goblyn sound effect, but I have frequently come back to it for those small bursts of silly fun. Goblyn Stomp is available for 80 MSP, which I find to be not only reasonable, but very much worth it.

Goblyn Stomp score 8/10

Christopher can be found on Xbox Live by the gamertag Azrane1.

Watch a trailer for Goblyn Stomp here.

Download a free trial of the game here.


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