Avatar Wave – Snowball Fight review

Review for XboxHornet by WDesm

“The best MULTIPLAYER snowball fight in town”

Upon loading up Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight, my first thought was an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia for the old Super Dodgeball game for the NES. Okay, I take that back – my first thought was actually that this game makes a beautiful Christmas screensaver, but my second thought was definitely of Super Dodgeball. I made the comparison because Super Dodgeball took a rather simple premise, and “ExtremE-i-fied” it to make an enjoyable game, without ironic pretense or ridiculousness. Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight does the exact same thing to the art of snowball-wars, and for that, it gets well-deserved praise.

Much like a court sport, Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight sets up the battlefield into two halves, and teams stay on their courts. Snowballs are generated by holding the “A” button, and are auto launched at their target by holding the “X” button. Additionally, a dodge button is included (“B”) for those last-minute dives. The cat-and-mouse game of collecting and launching snowballs goes on back-and-forth, with the occasional advantage being garnered by the players that grab randomly-spawning powerups. A player has “lost” when they have been hit by enough snowballs to freeze solid, and a team has lost when all players are frozen.

Admittedly, the gameplay is fantastic, but on a 1v1 scale, a tad hollow. Even the added allure of using your avatar to dish out this snowball war doesn’t take away from the fact that 1v1 is either extremely easy (because a CPU player won’t move fast enough to respond to your throws) or extremely difficult (because a 1v1 player match can quickly stalemate if the players play defensively). The appeal is when a full game of 4 players, either local or online, have the opportunity to throw the snow around. The game supports searching for online games, and hosting new ones, making online play a pleasant experience. With a full house of players, the old-school chaos of “ExtremE sports” returns in full spirit.

Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight comes with a lot of extras, including a “survival” mode (and before December 31st, a Facebook contest to earn a copy of Hotwave Game’s next release for surviving in this mode), unlockable rewards for playing Arcade Mode, and even a screen saver! (evidently, the developers had already anticipated an appreciation for a scenic Christmas, coupled with Christmas carols in the background)

I can’t predict that this game’s theme will hold up well in even a few month’s time – the Christmas theme is a rather specific one to try to market- but the gameplay is enjoyable, and if you’re willing to play online, or if you’ve got three friends eager to play, you’ll certainly have some fun playing Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight

We are going to take the unusual step of giving this game two scores.

Overall game score 7/10

Multiplayer score 10/10

You can download a free trial of the game here.

You can see a trailer for the game here


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