Marvelous Galaxy review

A review for XboxHornet by WDesm

“A healthy dose of strategy in a solid indie game”

Marvelous Galaxy is a strategy game – taking control of a planet in a random galaxy, you are tasked with upgrading the planet’s science station, building and researching robots, and exploring the unknown for enemies to conquer and resources to claim. The goal, as always with strategy games, is easy to understand, and difficult to achieve.

Gameplay almost seems reminiscent of a browser-based strat/sim, with turn-based planet development accomplished with the credits you have earned from upgraded banks or mines (and the odd supplement from scavenging the galaxy), while combat acts like a very very dumbed down “Heroes of Might and Magic,” combat map (or King’s Bounty, or Final Fantasy Tactics, if you prefer those references), with robots being able to Move and Attack (either ranged or melee). Robots cannot be levelled up or improved, but through the Science Station upgrade, better robots can be researched to supplement your army.

Artistically, the game is strong, if simple, and the visuals are neither distracting nor impressive. The animation is smooth, and the music is pleasant enough, suiting its ambient role nicely.

The game comes with three main modes: “Singleplayer,” where you fight through a map against a CPU opponent, “Multiplayer,” where you can play with up to three other players, and “Fight Now!”, a rather extraneous mode where you duke out four robots against four robots, if the combat option without the strategy appealed to you.

The game is enjoyable, and I can easily recommend it to any strategy enthusiast, especially so if you have a few like-minded friends to play against. There is no online play for “Marvelous Galaxy,” but I could happily invite a few friends over for a “board game night,” only to take the challenge to the stars.

My one warning would be that games of this complexity nearly demand a tutorial, and preferably, a mandatory one at that. The only instruction one could find on how to play the game is to press the “Y” button at the main menu, where small images and instructions briefly outline the game, complete with spelling and grammatical mistakes. A “sample” map where you are forced to learn each step, nuance, or detail of the gameplay would definitely help some grey areas (like when you first realize that you have to “link up” robots pre-combat if you want to go in full force). But if you’re willing to learn by screwing up a few times, the game is a rich resource for using those mind muscles.

Score 7/10

Download a Free Trial here.


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