Goblyn Stomp released on Xbox Live

Press release:

Goblyn Stomp, set in the silent movie era, pits Chap Scaliwag against never-ending swarms of Goblyns. Beginning with a simple jump, new abilities are unlocked as more and more Goblyns are defeated, including the explosive Fantastic Stomp and the lethal Cane Spin. The game features charming sepia-toned cartoon graphics and delightful ragtime music to accompany the excessive Goblyn dismemberment brought on by Fantastic Stomps and Remote Mynes. Each game is concluded with an impressive display of the number of Goblyns you’ve vanquished, with a triumphant Chap Scaliwag standing atop an ever-increasing pile of Goblyns. The game includes a local high score table to record your most fantastic Goblyn Stomping, and it is definitely worth the 80 points. Try it out!

Download a free trial of the game here:


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