Kissy Poo voted game of the week

Kissy Poo a game squarely aimed at very young children has been voted XBLIG of the week by our forum members.

You can see the video of this game and our other games of the week at our new Video Vault

You can download a free demo of the game to keep your little ones happy here


7 Responses

  1. What a ******* joke! Kiss Poo is a joke. Nice pick!

  2. This is a game aimed at very young children, so I am pretty sure that you are not the target audience.
    Kissy Poo is very popular with young kids, so I think it deserves the award from our forum members.

  3. But how can Kissy Poo be the game of the week?

    Im looking at some very impressive games that were released around the same time…

    Kiss Poo is simply a bad game. This was a bad pick. Sorry. Wonder why Indie Games get a bad name???

  4. If you would like to influence the game of the week then join our forum.

    But I must say, that not many games hit there chosen demographic as well as Kissy Poo.

    Of course most people are not going to show any interest in the game, but believe me, if you have a young child, this game is brilliant.

    Most parents want a game their children can play.

    In the vote we do not have an age range in mind, children’s games are a poorly represented area in gaming full stop and I suspect that is why it won last week.

  5. I’m curious what makes you say it’s a bad game. Is that simply because you don’t like it? Or because you aren’t a small child? As xboxhornet pointed out, it does a good job of hitting the target audience. Kids love it. It’s actually a very well made game, with lots of little hidden elements. Have you even tried it or are you basing your comments on a screen shot?

  6. I think KissyPoo is good game for couple of reasons:

    It’s a game that’s targeted at children and in that way quite original. It does something experimental and it does it well. So many other games are derivative remakes [some of them quite poor] – that’s what’s doing the real damage to Indie Games.

    It actually succeeds in entertaining young children and even slightly older ones – fun is not easy or trivial to achieve [unless you piggyback on a cliche of course].

    xboxhornet, the “Video Vault” link in the post above is broken.

  7. Thanks, I have fixed the link

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