XBLIG Session No. 2 Sol Survivor Sunday 1st November


We are very pleased to be able to announce the second XBLIG Session bought to you by a collaboration of XBLIG sites is happening on Sunday 1st Nov 12 noon US Pacific (7pm GMT)

Download the game here and come and take part

Look out for these guys online and show us how good you really are.

Cydereal, TheColdEquation and Y2k4Crisis from Cadenza Games

RR Oddbob from XnPlay
MarkMD76 from XBLIG.co.uk
Jigsaw HC from XBLA Ratings
duckols from Gay Gamer
Chunkbutter from Small Cave Games
Dhalamar from Wasted Seconds
Exaltedlegions from Exl Studios
AllApologies17 from Indie Game Blog
rusted3572 from Rusted Views
XboxHornet – that’s me

Plus thanks to Emuholic for his help in promoting XBLIG Sessions, check out his blog here

Defend the Sol Paragon colonists with an arsenal of turrets and orbital support abilities. Survive the Ascendancy onslaught on 20 maps across 4 planets. Compete online with up to 8 players in 4 modes, or play the campaign cooperatively with a friend. Use speed and strategy to survive!

5 Responses

  1. I believe the GMT would switch to -8 for US Pacific. Because DST ends Nov 1. I don’t know. I could be wrong, just felt it might be worth looking into…

  2. These timings are going to be an ongoing issue. Cheers for the info

  3. Looking forward to it.

  4. Grrr… Not sure what is going on with my friends list but every time I try to accept a new friend request it just disappears. It started after i got into the preview program. I’ll try to figure it out before Sunday because I’m looking forward to some Sol Survivor.

  5. […] *UPDATE* We have partnered with XboxHornet and other gaming sites for the recently announced Xbox Live Indie Game Sessions (which allows players to play with the developers and sites dedicated to xbox live indie games). The first peak is available here. The first session details are available here. The second session details are available here. […]

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