Xbox Live Indie Game Sessions – Play with the developers – Play with the sites

Coming soon – Xbox Live Indie Game Sessions

Play XBLIG online enabled games with the developers and the sites dedicated to XBLIG

In conjunction with

XBLA & XBLIG RatingsAnswering “How much fun is it” a couple of opinions on the many Xbox Live Indie Games out there..

Small Cave GamesXBLIG reviews with a side of bacon

Wasted SecondsWasting your precious time since 2009

xnPlayxbox360 Indie Games reviews/previews

XboxHornetNews, reviews and interviews from Xbox Live

ExL Studios


Indie Game BlogThe Latest Xbox LIVE Indie Games News, Media & Reviews


Look out for more news soon!

While you’re waiting check out our Xbox Live Indie Game Hereos to find some new XBLIG friends


2 Responses

  1. […] play with the developers and sites dedicated to xbox live indie games). The first peak is available here. The first session details are available […]

  2. Nice post thanks for this Xbox Live ROCKS!

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