Puzzle Pandemonium review

Review by Lollyblast

puzzle-pandemonium box art

Puzzle Pandemonium is a classic brick game in which you have to stop you area filling up with bricks. To do this you must match 3 blocks either horizontally or vertically by switching the block that they are next to. You can send extra bricks to opposing players by matching 4 or more bricks or forming chains. These bricks are unplayable until you make a match with a brick that is touching it which then turns the bricks into colours and makes them playable.

The controls are basic and easy to use. The background has flying shapes which get bigger and move towards the screen. It doesn’t draw your attention away from the game but makes it more interesting then a block colour background.

The music reminded me of the music in the Sims 2 when you build a house. It was light music very basic and doesn’t draw your attention away from the game, it blends in well.

The only faults I have with this game are that you can only switch blocks horizontally therefore making it difficult to get vertical matches, but anyone who has played Poker Smash will be familiar with the controls.

To change the difficulty level that you are playing in single player you have to go in to the options menu, this interrupts the flow of the game as you have to stop and start to change the difficulty levels, this became very tedious after a while.

puzzle pandimonium multiplayer

I would definitely recommend this game to be played in multiplayer mode rather than single as is more interesting playing against other people and the game has flows better because you are not changing the difficulty of the CPU all the time. Up to 4 people can play in Multiplayer mode and the added incentive of beating a friend lifts the game and is much more fun than the single player mode.

I give Puzzle Pandemonium 3 joystick 3 joysticks

Download a free trial of the game here.


4 Responses

  1. Sounds pretty fun. I’ll have to check it out because I had ignored it before based solely on the screenshots.

  2. I liked the mulitplayer mode.

  3. Could have saved time and just said “Tetris Attack with bad graphics/sound”.

    And I think you meant Poker Smash, not Poker Squares.

  4. I have edited it to say Poker Smash.

    I have not played Tetrir Attack, is it any good?

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