Double Vision review

Double Vision from Aztec Games

Think you have good vision? Put it to the test! Spot the differences in the pictures. Arcade has you race the clock to get the top score. In freeplay you can relax by yourself or compete with a friend. Want something different? Try PuzzleJunk and put your mind to the test! There are over 150 different puzzles!

Anyone who has played a spot the difference machine in their local pub will know what to expect from Double Vision. Spot the difference is a popular genre and Double Vision does it well.


You can download

With three game modes and competitive multiplayer this game brings something new to your Xbox. I personally liked the PuzzleJunk mode where rather than spot the difference in a picture you have to find certain shapes, this works well and gives a very different challenge from the arcade or freeplay mode.

With local leaderboards and awards for you to unlock, Aztec Games have again provided the XBLIG marketplace with a game that shows other developers how to deliver a comprehensive gaming experience ,all for the new low price of 240 Misoft points.

doublevisoin awards[

XboxHornet rates Double Vision as 4 Joysticks – Good

4 joysticks

You can download a free trial of the game here.


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