The Collector review


The Collector from Aztec Games – Available on XBLIG

Compete for the highscore and unlock awards in fast paced and addictive game. Play with or against up to 3 other people or cpu opponents locally!

The basic premise of The Collector is that you have a mining cart on rails at the bottom of the screen and you collect the falling coloured buttons and off load them into the requisite delivery spot. This may sound simple and it is, but at the same time you have to avoid the falling rocks and also make sure you deliver your load to the correct spot otherwise you will be penalised. You are rewarded for consecutive collections of the same colour with multiplier bonuses.

OK my description may sound a little muddled, but watch the video and you will get the idea.

the collector

I found the single player mode to be ok and good for getting used to the game, but I did not find it that gripping and I was about to give up on the game. Then I thought I would give the multiplayer modes a go and all of a sudden I saw the game in a whole new light.
You can play one to four players co-operatively, in battle mode or in team play. The addition of CPU opponents means that you can enjoy the multiplayer games even when you are on your little lonesome.

In multiplayer you not only get to collect the coloured buttons, you also get to sabotage your buddies attempts to beat you by dumping bombs on their collecting bins, which is always great fun and an excellent addition. The multiplayer games really are good fun and the added competitive element is great. Who can resist the attraction of getting one over on your mates.

the collector awards

Aztec Games have made a comprehensive game that includes local leaderboards and awards in the game, something that many new games do not bother with.

So The Collector may be a simple game, but at 80 MS points the mulitiplayer modes makes this game worthy of your $1 and lift the game to an XboxHornet score of 4 joysticks – Good

You can see user reviews and download the game straight to your Xbox here.


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  1. quite the addictive game i must say… great that you can download xbox 360 games, and others can play against you on their pc.

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