SKA Studios bring us the best game in the world ever, well maybe

And who are we to argue with James Silva developer of Dishwasher and general XNA legend.

To download the game and see user reviews click here.

Press release:

Ska Studios LLC today announced a truly epic title in the true tradition of epicness with its latest video game entertainment product release, I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1, set for release August 16, 2009 on the Xbox Live Indie Games for 80 Microsoft Points.

Presenting a familiarly themed, engrossing and stylized “game universe,” then adding zombies to that world, I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!1 aims to completely revolutionize the videogames industry, destroy it in fire a thousand times, and resurrect it as a phoenix sitting on a unicorn atop a shiny city of golden gumdrops. As we say at Ska Studios LLC, “our games will pique your interest and defenestrate your cats.”

I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!1 represents a culmination of years of intensive psychological research, bleeding edge engineering, and artistic collaboration by over two dozen internationally recognized art houses that may or may not exist, using such technologies as the HYPERMAGIC 3.0 engine to power never-before-seen eye candy and the MEGACORE X parallelization processor for smooth-as-glass presentation.
I made a game with zombies

“You can make a game,” said Ska Studios Lead Engineer Gato Maria Hernando Rodriguez-Rodriguez in an exclusive interview with Chairman Meow Magazine, “but what happens when you put zombies in it? Nobody knows, but they’ll find out soon. We’ll all find out soon.” And, with Xbox Live Indie Games interest flagging under reports of poor sales, difficulty locating the section in the Dashboard while inebriated, and super-smart people saying super-smart things on web forums, the game couldn’t be released at a better time.

“We were following trends and noticed that most people were buying Xbox360s for the DVD player, the Xbox Live Vision Camera, and the Calculator app on XBLIG, but not for games,” Gato continues, “I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES!!1 will change that. You’ll be playing our game. It has zombies in it. Ok bye.”

I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1 will arrive on Xbox Live Indie Games on August 16, 2009. It will cost 80 Microsoft Points.


3 Responses

  1. I agree. It is really fun and worth $1. If they add leaderboards and co-op over Live support I’d pay $3 – maybe even $5 – for it.

  2. It really is great fun, I am finding my self replaying it a lot to try and beat my own score. As you say if only it had online multiplayer and leaderboards. Let’s hope that James is reading this.

  3. I really enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek nature of the whole thing. Are there any other songs besides the “I MADE A GAME WITH ZOMBIES IN IT!!!!!!” thing? Like I said, the game is really funny. I couldn’t play long enough to tell if it was actually fun, though. I definitely thought about buying it to support SKA, though. Perhaps if I wasn’t down to my last 800 MB on my hard drive…

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