Spirit Whirled review

By Lollyblast

spirit whirledSpirit Whirled official description is as follows:
“What will Spirit find along the way this ghost adventure!? Guide Spirit through seven progressively challenging levels while picking up spiral energy to unlock the Doorway of Light! Avoid hazards and enemies on your way to your friends!”

Spirits Whirled is a basic platform game where you are a blue ghost who has to collect a certain amount of spirits (orb objects) to open the ‘Door of Light’ to progress to the next level. The only enemies you come across are vacuum cleaners which you jump on to kill.

spirit whirled1

The controls are very basic with ‘A’ to jump, ‘A+A’ to glide and the joystick to move left and right.
The graphics on the game are ok nothing amazing. The background is not very interesting to look at and becomes boring very quickly as does the music with the same notes being played over and over again.

The game play is very basic and with no real story line the games became boring very quickly.

Spirit Whirled is a good game for children or people who enjoy coin collecting games, but with no other objectives
I can’t recommend this game for hard-core gamers or people who get bored of doing the same thing repeatedly.

I give this game an average rating of three joysticks.
3 joysticks


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