Head Shot review

Head Shot is one of the latest $1 (80 MS points) games to hit XBLIG.

The idea of the game is to use your telescopic rifle to take out the gunmen in the crowd with a head shot and keep the rest of the stickmen safe.

The controls are simple an easy to use and on initial play I quiet enjoyed the game. The crowd roam around with lots background chatter from the stickmen, then all of a sudden the calm is broken by screams as the gunman reveals himself. It’s then up to you to find the shooter and take him out with a head shot. If you are successful you progress to the next level if not it is game over.


So after the initial enjoyment of the first few levels one of the faults with Head Shot becomes apparent. There is no change in the background at all, you just have a mottled green field. It would have been good if there were varying locations for the gunman to strike. For example have the stickmen wandering around shopping malls, libraries, theatres etc. to give the game some variety.

It’s when you get back to the menu page, Head Shot’s major fault is found. There are no leaderboards, a game like this needs world-wide leaderboards, using the well established peer to peer sharing system.

With no score to beat Head Shot has almost no replay value, so yet again a developer rushes out an XBLIG in a half arsed manor. Which is a real shame because with some extra work this could have been a very good game. So unfortunately even at $1 I can’t recommend Head Shot.

Lets hope that the developers are reading this and planning to do an update, then I would be happy to re-review this game.

We can only give Head Shot a score of 2 joysticks in it’s current state.

2 joysticks


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