Avatar Sports- Indies lead the way

The Major development houses have been fairly slow to pick up on adding Avatars to their games, obviously the amount of time it takes to develop a disk game for the Xbox has had an effect on this too. So is has come down to the indie game developers to take the lead and since the addition of Avatars to XNA 3.1 a lot of them must have been very busy.

In just a couple of months since the release of XNA 3.1 several Avatar games have been announced and sport seems to be a popular subject. It is not hard to see why, most nations have a good percentage of their population that are sport mad and what could be better than playing a game with a mini version of yourself.

So here are the games Avatar Sports games that have been announced so far.

Kickers – Avatar 3 on 3 football (soccer of the uninitiated)

Avatar Golf
Based on the excellent Easy Golf, with the course editor and course sharing, Avatar Golf is going to be a sure fire hit.

Basketball Three – Three on three Avatar Basketball

With Avatar Karting and Avatar Bowling in the works it is clear that Indie developers have a taste for Avatar sports games and I pretty sure there are a large number of Xbox owners who do too.

Now there are going to be a lot of people that scream the all these games are just a copy of Wii Sports, but in truth that argument just does not stand up. There have been sports games since day one of gaming and this is just a the natural progression of the use of Avatars so let’s hope that all these games play well and get the attention they deserve. After all the guys who have made these game look like they are doing a great job with the tiny development teams they have.

We look forward to trying them out soon.


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  1. I’m looking forward to all of these.

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