Aztec Games brings 3D to the Xbox with Pushy

Aztec Games have bought Stereoscopic 3D to the Xbox with their entry into this years Dream Build Play competition.


The game is called ‘Pushy’ and it is a 3D puzzle game.
In pushy, you are you! Well whomever you made your avatar out to be that is.
You can play either by yourself or with a friend to solve puzzles and unlock all the stages.
Compete for best times or get the highscore!

If you master all of the levels in the main game, then why not create your own?
Pushy comes with a fully featured editor which can save and load all the levels you can imagine.


When we get any news regarding Pushy and a release date we will let you know.

And Aztec claim a first on xbox 360, stereoscopic 3d .
Using a crossview technique, Pushy allows you to view the game in full 3d.
The scene takes on true depth and clarity when properly viewed. The technique is similar to the one required to view magic eye images.
Pushy 3D


3 Responses

  1. That is pretty sweet. I hope they can polish the graphics and make it look really good.

  2. Interesting. This is going to require polarized glasses, which are probably more expensive, but less disorienting than anaglyph glasses.

    Wonder how much polarized 3D glasses are…

  3. This effect requires no glasses at all. You simply view it by crossing your eyes slightly. You are trying to get the left eye to look at the right image and the right eye to look at the left image.
    When properly viewed your brain will take the 2 images and turn them into one fully 3d view.
    The effect looks the same as the one with polarized glasses except you will see 2 blury images, one on each side with a super clear 3d image in the middle.
    For more details on the effect you can check out my blog entry here:!EBF74A7244CF5E47!220.entry

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