Current Top 20 rated XBLIG on the UK Xbox Dashboard (4th Aug. ’09)

Wondering what Xbox Live Indie Games to try? The August 11th dashboard update brings with it user ratings. These are currently live to those who have the dashboard preview.

When you get the update go to Games Marketplace> Indie Games> Browse All> All > Top Rated. To see all the Indie games ratings.

The UK’s top 20 rated games are currently.

1. CarneyVale Showtime
2. Miner Dig Deep
3. Johnny Platformer’s Biscuit Romp
4. Easy Golf
5. Word Soup
6. Kudo Game Lab
7. Weapon of Choice
8. Groov
9. Super Cow
10. Blow
12. Clover
13. Artoon
14. Light’s End
15. Biology Battle
16. Colosseum
17. Crescendo Symphony
18. Drop Zone
19. RC-AirSim
20. Physics Sandbox

It’s good to see Indie games getting voted on in the preview and it will be interesting to see how the ratings pan out after everyone gets the dashboard update. But for now that is not a bad list of games.


2 Responses

  1. Gotta say the order of the games when they have the same amount of stars is a bit confusing. Number of votes doesn’t seem to be a determining factor. So I’m not sure rated “#1” over “#2” actually means anything. Also there are a LOT of games that don’t have enough votes yet to be officially rated (10 votes is the minimum).

    Here’s the US list:
    1: Miner Dig Deep (4.5/5)
    2: CarneyVale Showtime (4.5/5)
    3: Kodu Game Lab (4.5/5)
    4: ezmuze+ Hamst3r edition (4.25/5)
    5: Groov (4.25/5)
    6: Easy Golf (4.25/5)
    7: BIOLOGY BATTLE (4/5)
    8: ZP2K9 (4/5)
    9: Weapon of Choice (4/5)
    10: Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp (4/5)
    11: bricks4ever (4/5)
    12: Zoomaroom (3.75/5)
    13: Blow (3.75/5)
    14: NextWar: The Quest For Earth (3.75/5)
    15: Orbyx – Mystic Orbs of Chaos (3.75/5)
    16: Solar (3.75/5)
    17: Halfbrick Echoes (3.75/5)
    18: Halfbrick Blast Off (3.75/5)
    19: Trino (3.5/5)
    20: Supercow (3.5/5)
    Then there’s like 15 other games also rated 3.5/5

  2. I understand what you are saying, I presume that this is down to rounding up and down.
    So I would think that for example in the U.S. charts miner Dig deep has say 4.55 and is rounded down to 4.5 and CarneyVale has 4.45 and is rounded up to 4.45.
    That is my guess anyway.

    Thanks for the U.S. numbers, it is interesting to see them.

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