Lionhead have Milo (Natal) running in 3D behind closed doors

I wrote a piece earlier as to why Natal can produce real 3D on your TV with depth and even objects coming out of the screen at you.

Well I also think that Lionhead already has Milo in true 3D, the clue is in the video, take a look:

It seems pretty obvious to me that Peter Molyneux was teasing everyone with this video and putting a clue out there.

In the video Milo throws a pair of goggles to the user, why would he throw goggles. The only conclusion I can come to is that at that point in Milo’s world everything becomes 3D

I am surprised that no one has picked this up so far.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see what Natal can really do.

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  1. Natal looks really interesting and I think it will help Microsoft beat the Wii.

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  2. Whether true 3D or not, the thing that’ll make Milo real to us is the emotional attachment. He seems specifically programmed to make us create real relationships with him . And that leads to some interesting ethical implications:

  3. A very interesting read trippenbach

    @Andrew, I have checked out your blog and am happy to add a bookmark to you site. Thanks for reading and let me know what you have been up to or anything interesting I could add a link to. Cheers

  4. If I compare Milo to Johnny Lee’s 3D video, when the video is shown with Johny Lee wearing the goggles, the picture still has a 3D quality even for the viewer that is not being head tracked. I notice the same thing with Milo, more so when the lady is walking closer to the camera’s point of view.

    I think you are right, and I think Milo is indeed already running in 3D. I am sure many a NDA was signed by the lucky few that got to play with it. Why else show it behind closed doors?

  5. I checked out the video again as suggested and the piece in where Milo walks past the rockes definately looks like it is using head tracking

  6. I think the key is to examine the video and watch for perspective change while she is walking side to side. Tomorrow I will take some screen shots of the HD video and see if I can confirm anything. The dock has some nice straight edges to use.

    I also notice that the goggles come out really around the middle of the screen, but it does have an arc to it. So maybe the reason she is lowering down to catch them, is because to her it appears as though they are dropping. You can notice in the last few milliseconds for lack of a better word, the goggles do drop down, after being about in the middle of the screen. In your video link at 1:55 they are in the middle of the screen, then they drop down almost as if it hit the screen. Making me think this was done to make the 3D effect correct. Had it just stayed in the middle of the screen, your instinct would be to catch it around your chest, not down low.

    So just some more thoughts.

  7. I don’t care what anyone else says, Milo looks really cool. I like the Wii to be honest, but this is still cool. It will kick Nintendo into doing something really spectacular.

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