Fish Racer Arcade review

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Here’s one that is definitely for the kiddies, but I must say that I quite enjoyed it myself. The game is very much as the title suggests a fish racer.

You get to chose from one of eight different fish all with their own unique win animations including a ninja fish, a pirate fish, a cat fish, a clown fish oh and how could we forget a Jason fish complete with machete and hockey mask! Not quite sure what Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th have to do with a fish racing game, but anyway…..

The game can be played locally by between one and four players and if you are short a mate or two to join in on a racer, you could always add up to three AI fish to race against.

Once the race has started, you have to dodge various underwater obstacles from seaweed to submarines, whilst trying to ram your opponents into the previously said obstacles to turn them belly up and watch them float to the surface; maybe this isn’t a kiddie’s game after all! Not sure if that’s how it is mean to be played, but that’s the way I played it!

Apart from the obstacles, you also have to contend with starfish which end up sticking to you and slow you down, but these can easily be removed by collecting one of the powerups that can be picked up. Talking of powerups, I found the one that makes spikes protrude out of your fish to be a bit of a cheat really as once you get that all you have to do is touch your opponents and it’s belly up for them!

Anyway, the race just seems to go on until the last fish is standing or at least swimming.

Fish Racer Arcade is a good bit of fun, but playing against the AI can get a bit boring. Definitely needs to be played by at least two people. The game also seems to be very suited to the Family genre, except for the Jason bit!


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