Find Teddy reduced to 200 MS points

Find Teddy the best childrens game on Xbox Live Community Games service has had a price reduction to just 200 MS points, so wait no longer, buy this game for your little ones.

Download the game straight to your 360 here;


There have been a couple of games on Xbox Live Community Games (XBLCG) that have targeted the kiddie audience, Dokee and the Dancing Rain being the favourite with the younger ones in my family. But Find Teddy by Stephen Bennett, creator of Poker Squares is the first to do it really well.

The graphics are appropriately candy like and cute to attract kids, but they are in no way garish. The background music consists of circus top style organ music that fits well with the game.
Now to the important part – the game play. Find Teddy is described as “A puzzle game for young children. Find the Teddy that matches the clues and then make your own Teddy.” And it is really that simple. It has 4 levels, in level 1 you get 2 clues and 4 teddies to choose from, in level four you get 16 teddies and 4 clues, so Find Teddy should have a difficulty level to suit many young children.

Your reward for success is to unlock items that you can then use to customise your own teddy back on the main menu. This is a great little touch, because as every Xbox owner knows achievements will keep you coming back for more.
All in all, another fine game from Stephen and at 400 points, it’s very welcome addition to XBLCG that I am sure will be loved by the little ones.


Read our exclusive Poker Squares interview with Stephen Bennett;

XboxHornet rates this childrens game with 5 joysticks – Excellent
5 joysticks


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