Last weeks Xbox Live Community Games 18th May ’09


If you are interested in any of the games you can click on the picture to download a free demo.

Race to the finish with over 30 fast paced levels. Ultra Dual X Racer offers up to 8 players in teams of two or 4 players of multitasking fun. Maximize the challenge, by controlling 2 cars at the same time dodging through different obstacles and be the first to dash through the finish line. Does your mind have what it takes to drive 2 cars at the same time?

Description:Have questions that need answers? Try Mystic Orb! Our magical crystal ball will answer all of your life’s questions without hesitation or bias.

Description:Reflex Turbo 3 offers 3 fun addicting games that will keep you coming back for more. With up to 4 players of nonstop entertainment in all 3 games. Test your speed and reflex or cooperate to survive in an endless action packed shooter. Challenge your non gaming family/friends and show them the benefits you’ve received from years of gaming.

Description:Jammer is an innovative rhythm game in which player’s actions affect musical arrangements. It features ten original music tracks, and is playable with standard gamepads and guitar controllers.

Description:Iris is an intuitive Media Player and Music Visualizer for your Xbox 360. It features 10 unique customizable music visualizers, along with access to your Media Library on your Xbox 360 and on your Windows PC using Windows Media Connect. Pick your favorite songs, then sit back and enjoy the show.

Description:Jonny Crush is a full-out 3D first-person shooter, filled with intense bug-killing action. Experience the thrill of taking down swarms of up to one-thousand bugs in a single level. Unlock your weapons on a point-based system, as well as having the opportunity to be one of the top ten players in the world. The combos you make with your guns are limitless.

Description:An Original Shootemup. Run Pellmell down the training corridors shooting and avoiding the Training Droids. Packed full of features. More than 100 levels. Awards, Highscores, Story, Cooperative play. Lots of Aliens and Unique playfield control. How High can you score and how many levels can you fight your way through?

Save the city… or destroy it! Play as the hero and save the city by calling in tips, surrounding suspect buildings, and running down the bad guys. Or choose to destroy the city by avoiding the patrolling heroes and setting bombs inside the buildings – leveling the city building by building.

Description:TRINO, an evolving alien, must escape the NANITES, an insidious nano-robot swarm, that have imprisoned trino for his powers! Use TRINO’s powerful TRIANGLE TRAP to defeat the Nanites and break free from their Laser Prison! Evade, outsmart and destroy over 10 types of deadly enemies! Evolve for more power! Over 40 challenging levels! Live scoreboard! Save trino! Only on xbox community games!

Description: You have just invested in a MAIS (Machine. Artificial. Intelligence. System) This new type of robot has many skills. Its main function is to safely get cargo through hostile environments! 30 levels in the campaign mode.15 multiplayer battle levels.Play the campaign with a friend in co-op mode or battle it out in Vs mode.Level Editor.

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