Xbox 360 Gametrak Freedom release date 15/10/09


Gametrak Freedom the 3rd party Xbox answer to the Wii Mote has a release date of 15/10/09 at Gamestop
They also have the first picture of the packaging

Exciting news or poor imitation?

Read more details on the the Gametrak Freedom and accompanying game Squeeballs here:


6 Responses

  1. I don’t see the need personally. It would have to come with a really fun game for me to get it.

  2. A good golf game would get me interested.

  3. […] Gametrak Freedom Xbox 360 Motion Controller kommt im Oktober Das behauptet zumindest Xboxhornet auf dieser Seite. […]

  4. 15/10/09?
    Shouldn’t that be 10/15/09?

  5. Not here in the UK. Cheers for reading

  6. Oh, i see.
    Now I know something new!

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