1 vs 100 Achievements leaked

As we all know, every season of 1 vs 100 on XBL will carry with it 200 achievement points which you can earn. Today the list for season 1 leaked.

Here is the complete list.

Golden Century – 25G
Answer a total of 100 questions correctly.

Hair Trigger – 15G
Get three consecutive questions right while receiving an Instant Answer Bonus for each.

Trivia Fanatic – 30G
Answer a total of 500 questions

Go Streaking! – 15G
In a single round, achieved a Streak of 5 consecutive correct answers.

Group Hug – 10G
Your team of four achieved a simultaneous Streak of three consecutive correct answers.

Quarter Century -10G
Answer a total of 25 questions correct

Low Rider – 5G
Answer instantly and incorrectly three times in a row

Showboating Specialist – 10G
In a single 1 vs 100 LIVE round, max out your Avatar Action 10 times.

Thrifty Skipper – 10G
Extended Play: In a single round, save up the maximum of three skips.

Speedy Delivery – 20G
In a single round, score a total of 1300 points through time bonuses.

Game Show Guru – 25G
In any single round, achieve a Streak of 12 correct answers.

Quick Draw – 25G
In a single round, receive six consecutive Instant Answer Bonuses




2 Responses

  1. Guess we’ll have to wait an see but these seem like they will take a while. Hopefully they give you an easy way to see how close you are for each one.

  2. I really am very excited about this game, the European releae can’t come soon enough.
    1 vs 100 is going to change the way people see computer games. I am already stoked to see what they have in line for Primetime after season one’s 13 weeks are up.

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