The Review Channel heading to Xbox 360

Ever wondered what Xbox Live Community Games are worth playing? We’ll you can head over to, a great site that lets you see if other users recommend the games, but for a long time now there have been many calls for Microsoft to add a user ratings system to Xbox Marketplace. We’ll hopefully the wait will not be to long, not thanks to MS though.
The developer of an upcoming XBLCG app. The Review Channel has been in contact with us to let us know about his project which is currently in play test.
The Review Channel BoxArt

It’s a interesting looking title that will let you rate any game with a score out of one hundred. Then through peer-to-peer sharing The Review Channel will compile the average score and hey presto you will be able to see straight from your Xbox what games are worth playing, most popular and recommended.
The review channel 4

We will be very interested to try out The Review Channel and sharing our scores with the world, so lets hope it’s not too long before it come to Xbox Marketplace.
The Review Channel


2 Responses

  1. As you will have to pay for this, I can’t see it taking off at all, but if “only” M$ made it able to put the price as free on Community Games.

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