Halfbrick Fridays series releases second acclaimed title

Press release:
Surreal arcade action puzzler Halfbrick Echoes hits the Xbox Live Community Games service to rave reviews

May 1st 2009 – Today developer Halfbrick announced that the second game in the casual “Halfbrick Fridays” series is available for download on the Xbox Live Community Games service for 200 Microsoft Points. After the release of the critically-acclaimed Halfbrick Blast Off in early April, lead designer for Halfbrick Echoes, Alex Butterfield, needed to ensure his game was up to the same standards. According to XNPlay.com, it seems that the Halfbrick Fridays series now has two of the best games available on XBLCG.

“Sometimes folks, it’s the simplest of concepts that make some of the best play experiences. Halfbrick Echoes pretty much does everything right,” said XNPlay. “It’s fast, silly and overwhelmingly fun stuff.”

The general goal of Halfbrick Echoes is collecting crystals to complete each level, but the twist involves the enemies you will encounter. After collecting each crystal, an Echo will spawn which is a translucent version of the player icon (represented by a hat from a top-down viewpoint). Echoes will walk the same path the player walked, and with more and more filling the level, collecting the elusive crystals becomes an even greater challenge.

Halfbrick Echoes is packed with massive amounts of content. Four single-player gameplay modes are available: Arcade, Jackpot, Survival and Clockwork, along with Bounty, Tug-o-War and Gauntlet multiplayer games. Tucked away among these modes is the ability to control the flow of time, intense high-score challenges with collectable trophies and a huge variety of crystal powerups, including Blade, Pulse Chain and Time Freeze abilities.

Halfbrick Fridays will continue releasing games on Xbox Live Community Games and a variety of platforms in the coming months, following on with Halfbrick Thrusts and Halfbrick Zombies Are Coming!


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  1. That sounds really interesting. I like the first Halfbrick game and I’ve added this one to me download queue. Hope it is as fun as it sounds.

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