1 vs 100 will have new achievements every season

For Xbox Live Gold members playing Microsoft’s next experiment, Achievement points — lots of them — will be free.

1 vs 100 has one thing in common with every other Xbox 360 game. The massively multiplayer Xbox 360 game show will have Achievements. And that means that even people who don’t want to play it can mine it for Achievement Points.

There will be lots. We didn’t win any when we tried the game, but we still got the good news about them for Achievement fiends.

Microsoft’s plan for 1 vs 100 is for the multiplayer game show to run for 13-week seasons. Each season will offer players the chance to gain 200 Achievement Points. New season, new Achievements.

Because 1 vs 100 is free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers (who have to pay annually for Gold, of course), these will be some of the cheapest Achievement Points achievable on the system.

No word yet on what the Achievements will be.

Source: Kotaku


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