Xbox Live Community Game world

In our  travels in cyberspace this week we have come accross the following Xbox Live Community Game nuggets of gold, here’s what our good freinds around the web have been up to.

XBLA Ratings has developer interviews with the makers of Drum kit and Beat Blox

Give us this day our daily game has reviews of Wordzy, Retro One- Part 2, A game about a soup factory, Xeno Arena and Terwilliger

Rustedviews has his second week of Care in the Community and looks at Bricks4Ever,TWP, BAd atom, Solar and Blue Print Racing

Small Cave Games review Zoom, Strike Force PSI, ArkX and Xeno Arena

SFX-360 have reviews of Fatal Abyss, Miner Dig Deep, Half Brick Blast Off, Double Vision and more

Worth the Points have reviews of CaveIn Miner Rescue, percussONE, Break In, Colosseum and many more. has developer interviews with the makers of Carrum and The Exterminator

xnaPlay have previews of Carrum and Ark X plus loads of new reviews

Last but not least, Nick has his weekly XNA Round UP video

So happy surfing and if you find anything news worthy drop us a line at


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