The race is on at has had a fantastic make over, the site now boasts a home page that has, Top 5 rated games, new arrivals, latest updates all in an easy to the eye format. There are also random screen shots from some of the best Xbox Live Community Games.

When you look at a game now, you will see all the information you find at the Xbox Marketplace, including screen shots

My favourite part of the update has to be that you can now look at the top rated games all on one page. It was when I was looking at this that I noticed how close the race is for the most voted for game. For a site that has only been online for a matter of days is proving to be a very popular, and the two top rated games are neck and neck in the race to be the first game to receive one hundred votes. Both Miner Dig Deep and Carneyvale Showtime have had over ninety votes. Which will be the first to this landmark?

Why not have you say?


Miner Dig Deep won the race to 100 votes.

Miner Dig Deep

By: Robir
Genre: Action & Adventure
Price: 200
Last Release: Mar 13, 2009
Approval: 82.4% (102 votes)


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